This Week In Review - August 12, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Chrome Dome

Song - Dave Miley     Pledge - Rich Carlson     Invocation - Bill Worth

It was a beautiful day for SERTOMA.   Thirty-nine members and guests assembled for a tasty version of corned beef and cabbage.   Steve Ellis had to introduce himself, so his table was appropriately fined.   It was a rather quiet day since neither Parchen nor Harder were there.  
Several phones were heard beeping, but no one could discern whose they were.   President Joe got things going on time and kept things rolling along quickly.  

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Ed Bezjak gave a bingo report.   Ninety-four players were in attendance Wednesday night.   The E team deposited $5,000.   No one won the progressive.   The A team is up next week.   Tim Pollak announced the Promo Club is looking for volunteers to march in the Western Welcome Week Parade, and the Gateway to the Rockies Parade.   Contact Tim if you are interested.   John Pifer has organized a night at the Rockies .   Seats are still available.   Call John if you want some great seats for the Met's game.   Once again the Arapahoe Club is 100% givers to the National Foundation.   The Aurora SERTEEN Club is having a fundraising dinner.   Watch for details.

Sertoman of the Day

Pat McKim is our youngest member. ( Click on notePat joined the club in 1995 and roared through the chairs to become President in record setting time.   He was brought into the club by Rick Jacobus and Sam Anderson.   Pat works for Royal Alliance as a Financial Planner.   He is our consultant for the Arapahoe SERTOMA Foundation.   Pat also serves as our Bingo Director.   He is an avid cyclist.   Pat is single, but a father to his dog, El Guapo.   He is one of the good guys, and has always done anything he as ever been asked to do for the club and more.


PROGRAM:  Tim Pollak brought us a fine program, Jody Jill.   Jody grew up in an unfortunate situation and didn't attend school or learn to read as a child. Finally, she taught herself to read when she was fifteen.   She spent ten years growing up in a storage shed with dysfunctional parents.   Nevertheless, she presented us with one of the finest programs of the year.   Jody spent three months scouring Colorado with her dog, looking for fascinating, unknown, free and interesting tours.   She discovered five hundred such tours, including an antique washing machine collection, the National Ice Core Lab, and the JHB International Button Collection.   These are only a few examples.   Thanks Tim, not only for an interesting program, but an interesting personality as well.

On the Calendar


August 18

Bingo Team A

August 19

Regular Meeting  -SOD Dave Miley-
Happy Birthday Steve Bolyard

August 21

Western Welcome Week Lemonade Stand - Sign up to help

August 25

Bingo Team B

August 26

Regular Meeting SOD Norm Schillo
Happy Birthday Carl Duncan

August 30

Happy Birthday Randy Smith

HANDSHAKE PRIZE:   None.     POT OF GOLD:  Jack Marshall