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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter: Bill Worth 

August 14 , 2003

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This Week In Review

The group jostled in line today for lasagna, rolls, salad and monster cookies, then ate almost silently.  It was 22 minutes into the meeting before the first fine was proposed. This occurred when it was noticed that the Prez-Elect was sans Badge.  After paying his two-bit fine, Tim felt he had earned the right to present a litany of announcements.  They were all worthwhile, but I can’t remember any of them.  I do know Tim did not push King Soopers and Tony’s coupons today - that job has been passed to Mike Magee. So, now when you think of food - SEE MAGEE.  In an attempt to improve the behavior of selected individuals, the west end of Table One was also fined.  We had no guests today.  We need guests - we need new members!  Let’s get with it!   We also could do with improved attendance at our meetings.  Prez Phil read a list of members with ‘perfect attendance’.   Congratulations to them - they will be honored at the Installation.  Also, a long list of  ‘close but no cigar’  attendees was also read.  With a bit of effort they too could be ‘perfect’.  There are lots of ways to make up missed meetings.  We will publish them.

Sertoman of the Day
SOD -  Don Masias, native of La Junta. Anticipating the interest of the group in the location of his hometown, and the attributes of it’s nearest water supply, Don came prepared with maps and information about the Arkansas River .  For those not in attendance please refer to:  www.waterknowledge.colostate.edu/graphics/allbasin.gif.  Don’s family (mom, dad, 7 brothers, 3 sisters) moved to Colorado Springs , where they operated a restaurant (his brother still does), and where Don graduated from Manitou Springs High School .  Don has a BA in Pharmacy from CU.  Dale Hand got him started with Porter Hospital and with Arapahoe Sertoma.  Thanks, Dale.  Don is raising two sons - Chris just completed high school, Andrew just entering high school.  Don has carried a major load with our recent fundraisers.  Thanks Don. Ask Don how you can get it over the counter.  Rev. Bill won Don’s fiver.

Today’s Program was Pat Dorsey, fishing guide. 

Pat had series of pictures of each of the areas, each photo displaying the beautiful scenery and a trout that every fisherman would like to claim.  They have and continue to teach and guide celebrities in the techniques of fly fishing,  Pat says” it has nothing to do with luck”.  Pat was selected as Orvis’ ‘Guide of the Year’ in 2001. He has been ‘guiding’ for 11 years and obviously loves every moment of it.  He commented on the impact of the Hayman fire, noting it will continue to be a problem for many years.  Thanks Pat for a super program.  
                              Check his web site at


Bring Prospective Members to a Luncheon- then Sign 'em up!


Congratulation and Welcome . . .to the newest club in our Front Range District. The POM (Permanent Organ- izational Meeting) of the Eagle Bend Sertoma Club was held Wednesday August 6th.  Sponsoring club is Littleton Sertoma; congrats to them  The new club will meet monthly at the Heritage Eagle Bend Clubhouse (just east of E-470 on Gartrell Pkwy.   They are already involved in service projects of an equine nature. They meet once a month on the second Wednesday at noon . If you have a chance, stop by and say welcome.

We are pleased to report . . .our incoming Governor ‘Sertoma Pat’ Diesing is currently goofing off as she recovers from successful surgery to remove a benign growth that was attacking her optic nerve and making her look funny (or is that see funny).  She says she will be back to normal soon, and that pleases us very much.  Our best wishes, Pat.

A few good men . . . are needed to supplement our corps of fine reporters.  Two of our bulletin reporters will not be able to serve next year.  You can help by volunteering.  You will write the bulletin only once a month.  It is not as difficult as you may think and lots of help and advice will be available.  Call Mike Ballew and discuss the possibility with him.

Opportunities left in August
Installation of Officers and Directors
. . .
Mount Vernon Country Club on August 28th.  There is still time to sign up - check with Dean Hiss. We will share this important event with three other Sertoma Clubs.  All incoming officers and directors are expected to be there.  You will enjoy the fun and fellowship as we dine in this fine mountain setting. Take your spouse out for a change.  Cocktails at 5:30 pm , dinner at 6:30 pm. Plan on attending.

Opportunities in September  
CLC (Club Leadership Conference) . . .
is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday the 3rd at a breakfast meeting.  Lead by incoming prez Dr. Tim, this is the place where each new officer and director learns his role and responsibilities.  A must for all incoming board members - all others are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Tim has some great plans to share.  More information soon, but put it on your calendar now. Be There!!!

On The Calendar 

Aug  19  Rockies Night Out  7 PM  -  See John Pifer
Aug  20  Bingo Team E
Aug 21 Regular Meeting-Greg Moody, News 4, "Critic at Large"                 
Aug 27 Bingo Team A
Aug  28 Regular Meeting
Aug  28 Installation of Officers and Directors  -  Mt. Vernon CC
Sept 1

Sept 3 Club Leadership Conference (Tentative)
Sept 4 Regular Meeting
Sept 9 Board Meeting 6pm Elks Club
Sept 11 Regular Meeting
Sept 18 Regular Meeting
Sept 25 Regular Meeting

Thoughts to Ponder 

Worth Pondering . . .

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour

 Happiness comes through doors you didn’t even know you had left open

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.