This Week In Review - August 19, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Tim Pollak

Song -Mabe Downey     Pledge - Dave Miley       Invocation - Mike Ballew

It was a rag tag gang that gathered today for our weekly meeting.  Although an extra table was set in the first row, there was no one available to occupy it.  Actually the reigning VP, Rick Campbell, noticed that there were few fines and promptly got himself fined, first $.25 for the limited fining, and then $1.00 for failing to notice that the banner, still furled, was leaning against the wall.  The second failed.  Dick Enslow announced that he’s switched places and ran A-Team last night.  The progressive is above $4000.00, so attendance at our weekly little game should be growing.  Tim Pollak sent around a sign-up for two parades, needing other members to carry our banner.  Don Smith made a gleeful (this reporter observed) report that Pat McKim broke his leg this past weekend, dirt bike riding. It’s not serious and he’ll be back with us next week.  Mike Magee hawked his coupons.  Doug Harder announced that Rick Jacobus would be playing golf for him next week.

Sertoman of the Day

Norm Schillo began speaking reverently of his German immigrant grand parents raised in a north Denver orphanage.  Went to five (5) elementary schools, graduated in 1945 from North High School and promptly signed up for the Navy.  He only got through boot camp and the war ended.  “Dad told me to learn a trade.”  He and his grand father were both carpenters, “so I went for the big bucks,” and became a brick layer.  Later he was a contractor .  After running a resort in Granby, he started building houses in earnest and joined Sertoma.  He spent some time in Arizona and returned to the club.  Eleven years ago his wife died.  He found Ann, between them they have five (5) children and fifteen (15) grand kids. Bill Anderson brought him in. Norm Selby  walked away with his fiver.


Program Chairman Emeritus Mabe Downey introduced St. Louis born Joe Power.  Formerly in the business form business, he now travels extensively throughout the world and presented a tape and slide show on “Peru, the Land of the Incas.”  Peru is the third largest country in South America.  The population of twenty-four million is 90% Catholic and has an average annual income of $4300.  We traveled from the Pacific coast capital city of Lima where the Spanish rule of three hundred years is much in evidence, to the eastern rain forest where the Amazon River has it’s origins.  Along the way there were stops in Cuzco, Iribana, Ollaokambo, Iquetos, Camaberra and Macaus. Most of the pictures were devoted to the amazing construction of Machu Picchu (Ancient Peak,) which was never discovered by the Spaniards, took 100 years to build starting in 1438 and was occupied for 100 years.  It was a very enjoyable journey on a Thursday afternoon and full of interesting details. 

  Guests-  There were none.  Bring some.

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