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This Weeks Reporter: Mike Ballew 

August 21 , 2003

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This Week In Review
We all gathered for another day of  SERTOMA frivolity.  We were honored to have as a guest, Mario Marchello.  The crowd went wild today; must have been the shredded pork and French fries.  Fines were abundant.  The Prez. $.25  for not having a banner; how the Sgt at Arms got by with this is as of yet undetermined.  Parchen $.25 for threats to Harder, something about cutting in the lunch line. $.25 to Mabe FOR glue on his lips when attached to the Prezís posterior.  $.25 to Table 1 for general principles by  the Sgt. At Arms, but failed. $.25 to the Prez for hearing aids for not hearing that the fine to Table 1 really passed, and didnít fail.  $.25 to Carlson from Harder for disco lights, but then all the lights went out.  $.25 to Ballew from Beez for grabbling about the bulletin, but failed. $.25 to Beez from Don Smith for wimping out on his fine to Ballew, due to the request for a hand vote.  $.25 to Harder from Pifer for spending a lot of money not to attend the baseball game.  

Announcements:  The E Team deposited $6,744 from Bingo.  Letís keep up the good work!
Sertoman of the Day



Greg Moody, Channel  News Critic at Large was introduced by Program Chair Ric Jacobus.  Gregg hails from Michigan.  He is married and has two children.

Graduating from Western Michigan in 1974, Greg  was on his search for stardom.  Beginning as a stand-up comic in New York City, Greg enjoyed the work but decided that eating was more important, so he went to theater , and then served as a  surgical orderly in Grand Rapids, MI.  After a colorful  time there, Greg found himself as a critic at a local news radio station.  From Grand Rapids he found  himself in Milwaukee again as a critic as a news radio station, and then as a TV columnist for the Milwaukee Sentinal newspaper. 

After a few years at the paper, he finessed his way into Channel 6 TV in Milwaukee and did a variety of things, and learned a lot about the TV business,  He did ďhard news,Ē editing, columns, photos, and occasionally an on air story when the manager was out of town.

Low and behold, next stop Denver, and Channel 9, for two years and then he was woooed away by Channel 4,  and for what he says is the perfect job in doing fun features, columns, editing, and duties as Critic at Large.    He has been with Channel 9 for fifteen years.  He is also the author of five novels, and his favorite current movies are SeaBiscuit and Finding Nemo.  Thanks for being with us today, Greg. 


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Our Prayers and Sympathies are extended to Dick Enslow and his family on the loss of his mother on August 21, 2003.


Pat McKim Presented Mario Marchello a check for 
 to the Marchello Foundation 
To assist cancer survivors with College Scholarships


Bob Hogge announced that Western Welcome Week was a big success; $1,450 to the club.  Thanks Bob, and to all who helped!!
 Thanks to John Pifer for putting together the Rockies outing.  A great time was had by all.

On The Calendar 

Aug 27 Bingo Team A
Aug  28 Regular Meeting
Aug  28 Installation of Officers and Directors  -  Mt. Vernon CC

Sept 1

        Labor Day

Sept 3 Club Leadership Conference (Tentative)
Sept 4 Regular Meeting
Sept 4 Platte Canyon Golf
Sept 8 Zangs Golf (see Sorensen
Sept 9 Board Meeting 6pm Elks Club
Sept 11 Regular Meeting
Sept 18 Regular Meeting
Sept 25 Regular Meeting

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