This Week In Review - August 26, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Carl Duncan

Song -MABE DOWNEY      Pledge - Dave Miley       Invocation - MIKE BALLEW

GUESTS: none were present

 ANNOUNCEMENTS: BOB SCHLAGETER had a glass of lemonade with his lunch and reported that in spite of windblown straw he deposited $700 from the WWW lemonade stand. TIM POLLAK noted that Andrew Masias helped carry the banner in the WWW parade and that on September 18 the club will have another opportunity to display the banner in the “Gateway to the Rockies Parade” location (probably Golden) to be announced. 
The seventh annual “
Tees to the Greens” Sertoma Golf clinic for hearing impaired youths, 7 to 14 years old, will be held October 2 at the Foothills golf course. Interested members should sign up early because attendance is limited to 20 golfers.  

FINES: Dick Mason, Sargent at Arms, for not hanging the banner. It was later discovered that nobody could have hung the banner because it was securely hidden in TIM POLLAK’S car.

Sertoman of the Day

We discovered that DAVE MILEY is a misplaced Hoosier.  Actually he moved to Colorado in time to start elementary school and finish at CSU with an ROTC commission in the Air Force. By 1971, when he left the Air Force, he had won  a decoration and was a member of SAC. DOUG HARDER brought him into the club in 1972. He was the club president in 78-79 and the district Governor in 95-96. DAVE married Karen early on and is the father of Gail and Kurt. Since 1971, the family has survived on real estate commissions. Dave hinted that it might be worth a program to have him relate his military experiences so I think it should be arranged.


LINDA K TAYLOR is a “personal life coach” who helps people get what they want out of life. She suggested that we make a long list of every kind of desire that affects all of our 5 senses and then set specific targets or “goals” that are reasonable and get help from others who have already achieved these goals. We should manage both our time and our energy - discover what depletes our energy and what adds to it. Finally create a plan of action. A “life coach” can be of assistance in each of these steps.

On the Calendar

August 30

Happy Birthday Randy Smith


September  1 

Bingo Team C

September  2 

Regular Meeting -   Happy Birthday Doug Harder - SOD - Norm Selby

September  6 

Happy Labor Day Happy Birthday Tim Pollak 

September  8 

Bingo Team D

September  9 

Regular Meeting - SOD- Jim Perkins 

September 10 

Happy Birthday Norm Schillo

September 11 

Happy Birthday Travis Garrett          9-11-01 Never Forget

September 14 

Board Meeting

September 15 

Bingo Team E

September 16 

Regular Meeting - SOD Randy Smith

September 21 

Happy Birthday Dan Miller

September 22

Bingo Team A -   Autumn Begins 

September 23 

Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Stein

September 26

Happy Birthday Ed Bezjak

September 29

Bingo Team B

September 30

Regular Meeting - SOD Lloyd Steinmann

HANDSHAKE PRIZE:   Pat McKim     POT OF GOLD:  Jack Marshall (Again)