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This Weeks Reporter: Tim Pollak

August 28 , 2003

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This Week In Review
The last meeting of the Grimm administration started spontaneously with someone, unknown to this reporter, starting the song.  Many of the rowdy attendees jostled for a place at the front of the chow line, anxious to enjoy beef stew, a variety of corn breads and muffins, and cookies for dessert. 
Raffle tickets were sold for the last pre-season Broncos game and eventually won by
Don Masias. 
Fines were noticeably scares with the one notable exception of one to Prez.
Phil Grimm for allowing the SOD’s mug to be so liberally distributed on the tables everyone was to eat at.  Announcements started with guest Linda Holloway promoting the Rainbow Bridge Intergenerational Golf Tournament (see calendar).  Joe Dowdey promptly spilled the beans that the club had voted a $500 contribution for the event, and he also handed (the other) Joe Geers a $500 check for the National Kidney Foundation.  Dean Hiss made a last announcement of the installation Banquet tonight. Mike Magee hawked his King Soopers and Tony’s Meats coupons.  Don Masias promoted the Entertainment Books he’d brought to distribute.  Mike Ballew thanked the new newsletter editor volunteers, Randy Smith and Dave Miley, and indicated one more is needed for the retiring Fred Downs after nearly a decade of service.  Bingo A-team had a good night with 140 players and a $8600 deposit.  The new president was welcomed to begin next week.
Sertoman of the Day

Prez. Phil Grimm,  introduced yours truly, Tim Pollak, as “SOD of the Day.”  He began with an explanation of the two advertising materials on the tables, explaining that the business card had the correct address.  Tim was born in Chicago IL, but raised in Evanston IL where he went to schools that are still standing, but one is no longer used for the purpose it had when he attended.  He enjoyed summers at the beach swimming in the cold waters of Lake Michigan.  He went to Antioch College where he had a job at Colorado Rocky Mt. School in Carbondale, CO and “fell in love with the mountains.”  So, upon graduating with a BS in Secondary Education/Chemistry he returned to CO to complete his Conscientious Objector obligation at Colorado Psychiatric hospital.  He was accepted into the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program at the U. of Tennessee, worked for Kaiser six years, married Ruth and then started private practice.  Don Nelson got $5.

Program Chairman of the day, Rick Jacobus, introduced Ron Horn, CO Volunteer Master Gardener from CSU Extension Service for his (pressed into early duty) presentation on Spiders.  Ron recently retired from the Jeffco school system where he served as an area Superintendent.  He began his talk with a brief explanation of his other volunteer effort as a member of the Newfoundland Dog Therapy program at Craig Hospital.  He has two (2) Newfoundland dogs and they have been found to have a very calming effect on agitated people, which proves quite useful in the hospital at times.  Ron’s primary message today was that “Spiders are our friends,” because they have a voracious appetite for bugs we don’t like.  They are not to be feared.  More people die of Bee stings than spider bites.  In fact, the only dangerous spider in our area is the Black Widow, which is non-aggressive and is only found in dark dry areas (“garages and outdoors in window wells”). Ron provided a very informative brochure from the Extension Service and answered a number of provocative questions.


Linda Holloway of Chatfield Sertoma was our only guest today


A Fond Farewell

 I will be leaving you as a newsletter editor.  I thank you for putting up with my awkward 
prose these past three years, and I’m looking forward to serving you as president
 this next year.  I’m expecting it to be an exciting administration and hope that you will
help make it as successful as it can be.   Yours,  Tim Pollak


Our presenter, Ron Horn, mentioned that many people have phobias toward spiders.    It is called arachnophobia and is the only fear that has been made into a movie.  Tim Pollak took that as an opportunity to point out that Phobias are eminently treatable through a new technique that takes only a few minutes.  He also mentioned that the only phobia that is life threatening is a needle phobia, because it can prevent the victim from getting needed medical care.  Every phobia, he advised, should be treated because  avoidance of the stimulus, the method used by most people to control a phobia, only diminishes ones life and causes loss of self-confidence and self-esteem.  Thank you, Joe Dowdey, for your suggestion to write this up in the newsletter.  

On The Calendar 

Sept 3 Club Leadership Conference (Tentative)
Sept 3 Bingo Team B
Sept 4 Regular Meeting -Rev. Jim Walters, “Humor in Religion"
Sept 4 Platte Canyon Golf
Sept 8 Zangs Golf (see Sorensen
Sept 9 Board Meeting 6pm Elks Club
Sept 10 Bingo Team C
Sept 11 Regular Meeting
Sept 13 Rainbow Bridge Intergenerational Golf Tournament— at   Windsor Gardens Par 3 Golf Course, contact Linda Holloway
Sept 17 Bingo Team D
Sept 18 Regular Meeting
Sept 23

Autumn Begins

Sept 24 Bingo Team E
Sept 25 Regular Meeting

Thoughts to Ponder 

Great Quotes from Great Leaders

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  
Anyone who keeps learning stays young. 
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.

                  - Henry Ford