This Week In Review - August 5, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth

Song - Phil Grimm      Pledge - Hannes     Invocation - B. Kohlmeier

Just like Mom used to make - Hamburger, Veggie and Mashed Potato Casserole with salad, rolls and brownies for dessert.  Joe noted that only 92% of his term is left. Ruth Pollak was a guest today (claimed by Gus Szala).  Today’s news included: Joe Geers went half way across the country to break his hip (in a Transplant Games swim event)  He is home, and we wish him a speedy recovery.  From the far southeast ( Florida ) we hear that Sam Anderson is teaching remedial reading.  He must have finished sawing up his trees.  Way to go Sam - good SERvice TO MAnkind.  Today’s fines were a weird bunch.  Mason and Magee were somehow lumped together for a two-bit fine.  A quarter fine was passed on no one based on information no one understood.  In the most interesting fine: the ‘members at Table 3’ were fined.  There was no one at Table Three.  Most importantly, no one could remember who usually sat at Table 3.  And I don’t remember any one mentioning that normally ‘Table 3’ (the actual table) is not there at all.  Oh well, just 92% of the year is left.  No Handshake Prize. Pot O Gold could have gone to Nettles, Kelsall or Elsey but in their absence it went to Hiss.

Sertoman of the Day

R Timothy Pollak, Ph.D.  Tim was born in ‘45 in Chicago and grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan . His Elementary, Jr.  High and High schools are all still standing. It  sounded as if one went on to a higher calling (Montessori). Tim went to Antioch College near Dayton , where every other quarter was spent doing ‘service’ internship: Emergency and Operating Rooms in AZ and MA; Lab work in IL, Social work in CA, etc.  Tim received his BA from Antioch , his Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee . In lieu of military service, Tim provided 3 years of service doing hospital type service. Tim was ‘introduced’ to wife Ruth thru a matchmaker service called ‘Introductions by Ruth’, which Ruth has recently purchased from ‘Ruth 1’. Confused?  As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Tim runs ReLeaf Counseling Services.  Brought into the club by Barney O’Grady, Tim as been totally immersed in our good services, including club President just last year.  Thanks Tim!   The Fiver went to Dean Hiss


Today’s Program came to us through the courtesy of Arne Warpnes, who is with Compass Financial Solutions.  The topic was Alternative Investments, more specifically the ‘Currency Exchange’.  This exchange operates all the time with the ‘simultaneous buying and selling of the world’s currencies’.  Growth of these currency funds has shown positive over the last few years while the stock market funds show declines.  Interesting, but a bit hard for some of us to comprehend how it actually works.  Thanks Arne!


 How do you start the New Member Process?  Here’s how it works.  Bring a prospective member to lunch, have him complete an application, give the application to the membership chair (Norm Selby).  The prospect will be published in the space above in two consecutive bulletins and the board will take the appropriate action.  As the sponsor, you will be notified and Induction will be scheduled. But you start the process by bringing a guest!  WWW (Western Welcome Week) - The Arapahoe Lemonade Stand will be in operation Saturday August 21 and we need your help.  Contact Bob Schlageter and tell him you are available.  It’s easy work and you’ll have fun. If you have never been involved in this project, we will provide on the job training.  We will need an early set up crew to put up the canopy and set up  equipment.  Mid morning, following the parade. we will need lemonade makers (please do not divulge our secret recipe) and servers.  Later in the day we will need a take down team. Help make a buck for SERvice TO Mankind Baseball - Here is your chance to see the Rockies in action against the Mets. 

Tuesday August 17 - $36 each - good location - call John Pifer to see if seats are still available.  Good entertainment and good fellowship.  Be there. 

Cajun Cookout huge success -  If you didn’t make it to the Annual Arapahoe Cajun Cookout you missed a great family fun fest.  The turkey had a subtle nutty flavor (I wonder what sort of oil they were cooked in).  The deep fried catfish was perfect, and, as usual, the salads, desserts, et al, were, well. . . how do you say delicious in cajun.  The hotly contested washer toss championship was a toss up between Jim Dowdey and Jeff Kaiser.  Norm Selby somehow figured out the secret of the jelly bean jar (or then again he may have just made a lucky guess).  So how many turkeys members did it take to cook a few turkeys?  
Well, let’s see: Bob Buckland, Social Chair, along with Dowdey,
Downs , Jacobus,
Mason, Morrone, Pifer, R Smith and Szala.  Hope I didn’t miss anyone.  Oh, yes - Parchen was in charge of announcements.  Great event - thanks to all who helped.

On the Calendar


August 7

District Leadership Conference

August 10

Primary Election - Vote!!!  Board Meeting - Elk’s Club

August 11

Bingo Team E

August 18

Bingo Team A

August 21

Western Welcome Week Lemonade Stand - Sign up to help

August 25

Bingo Team B

August 26

Regular Meeting

Things worth thinking  about - or are they?
Is there another word for synonym?
What if there were no hypothetical questions?
If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
What was the best thing before sliced bread?