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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter: Orian Hunter

August 7 , 2003

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This Week In Review

It was the regular Thursday meeting, and once the song was sung, the pledge was pledged, and the prayer was prayed, it seemed as though EVERYONE had something to say. Hiss was promoting the Installation Banquet on Aug. 28; and the incoming ruler, Dr. Pollak was pushing the District Leadership Conference. The usually quiet McKim reported with eloquence on the $5K deposited by C-Team, and then went on to discuss the eleven-month income from Bingo of $35K (not a  bad little fund raiser, one might say). Pifer, one of the official Rockies Cheerleaders, arrived replete with Peanuts and Cracker Jacks for the upcoming outing to the game on Aug. 19. Mike McGee, the new voice of King Soopers and Tony’s Meats coupons began working on his sales pitch, and proved to have some skill in this area. Bob Hogge, heir to the lemon throne, begged for more volunteers for the Western Welcome Week Lemonade Squeeze on Aug. 16. This was followed by Doug Harder and the plethora of golfing activities, which usually creates excitement. Prez Grimm reported on last week’s International Convention, and we all swelled with pride hearing of Dale Hand’s Sertoman of the Year Award!!!!!!!

Sertoman of the Day



Program Chair, Ric Jacobus, introduced Brian Vogt and John  Brackney from the South Metro Chamber of Commerce. Since 9/11, a national emphasis on preparedness for any future terrorist attack has taken center stage. The South Metro Chamber, in cooperation with Qwest, has taken the issue of being prepared to the level of developing a program which focuses on interpreting the warnings which we receive, and knowing how to organize our personal and business affairs in such a manner as to avoid disaster, should it strike. Standing Tall is a program designed to inform, strengthen, and embolden our community.  The program begins with a poster which describes and defines the various levels of terrorist alerts. The program then goes on to explain what relatively minor adjustments and modifications to our daily lives can be made to minimize the impact of terrorist activity. Further information on this program can  be found at http://www.standingtall.net, or you   may call 303-795-0142 for further information on this valuable program.


Walt Schenck, member of Mile High, guest of  Steve Bolyard


Make your Reservations 
Installation Banquet...Mt. Vernon
 August 28th


August 19, 2003
 Mark your calendars...
Don’t forget!
Rockies Game...Great Seats 
See Pifer


August 14th..Pat Dorsey...Blue Quill River

August 21st...Greg Moody...Critic at Large


September 16 

Arapahoe Golf 


See Dick Enslow


On The Calendar 

Aug  12 Board Meeting - Joint meeting of both old & new boards-Elks Club
Aug  13 Bingo Team D
Aug  14 Regular Meeting- Pat Dorsey, Blue Quill 
“River Guide for Fly Fishing”
Aug  19  Rockies Night Out  7 PM  -  See John Pifer
Aug  20  Bingo Team E
Aug 21 Regular Meeting-Greg Moody, News 4, "Critic at Large"                 
Aug 27 Bingo Team A
Aug  28 Regular Meeting
Aug  28 Installation of Officers and Directors  -  Mt. Vernon CC

Thoughts to Ponder 

A Thought Worth Repeating

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Aesop