September 12, 2002


This week in Review

2002-2003 Officers

Chairman of the Board …….Orian Hunter
President…………...Phil Grimm
VP Sponsorship……Joe Dowdey
VP Programs………Tim Pollak
VP Membership……Nick Morrone
Secretary…………..Mike Ballew
Sgt-at-arms……...Brent Davenport
Attendance………John Hogge
Bingo……………Pat McKim
Growth………….Jason Hand
Incentives……..Rick Campbell
Social…………Dean Hiss
Ways & Means….Don Masias


Sep 19 - Regular Meeting
Sep 19 - 50th Anniversary Committee Meeting 11:00am Elks
Sep 20 - Regular Meeting

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.  Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons

C  Sep 18
D  Sep 25
E  Oct 2
A  Oct  9
B  Oct 16

Pot of Gold - Ed Bezjak
Handshake Prize - Rich Carlson

Song - Carlson           Pledge -Worth           Invocation- Rev. Bill

Rich Carlson brought a rough start into tune and the club rendered an acceptable song.        Bill Worth has the Pledge memorized and performed well as a leader.  Rev. Bill spoke to God with reverent gratitude for our blessings and asked for assistance with our Service to Mankind mandate.  The club was treated to rolled enchiladas, rice and black beans.  Good!  President Grimm opened the meeting by ringing the bell rather limply, for which past president Hunter was fined a quarter for poor instruction on bell ringing.  Randy Smith announced a free barbecue at 6th and California for residents of Jefferson County.  Please see Randy for details.  The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Committee will meet at the Elks Club next Thursday at 11:00 am.  Mabe Downey narrowly won the Bronco/St. Louis score guess with a perfect 39.    B-Team has the duty next Wednesday.  John Hogge announced that he is going to review all the old attendance slips.  John must want to be the next Historian.  The natives were unusually quiet until Bill Benton was announced SOD.

Bill Benton, a Denver native, was born Oct. 14, 1928.  His home, elementary, middle and high school still stand.  He continued hid education at DU, graduating in 1954.  The Navy hosted him for several months including a tour on Guam, where the Japanese ignored him.  Bill is a widower with two children, a daughter who is a firefighter with her husband in West Metro, a son and daughter-in-law who are both pilots with UAL.  There is a granddaughter almost old enough to be a firefighter, also.  Bill is a 38-year veteran at Burt Chevrolet. He is also about a 22/23 year veteran of Sertoma and he has been nominated Sertoman of the Year many of those years.  Bill proudly passed around his PICK EVERY THURSDAY plaque. Arapahoe is grateful for all Bill has done for us.  John Hogge was awarded his $5.

Mabe Downey introduced Donna Pacetti, of the Denver Water Department who spoke to us about Denver's current water shortage. Using a nice handout, Donna reminded us: the majority of water served by Denver Water is diverted from the Western Slope,  Denver Water serves over 84 billion gallons of treated water a year, demand for water will exceed our supply in the next 10 years with out additional conservation efforts. Typical Residential Water Use: Landscape 54%, Toilets 13%, Bathing 10%, Laundry 11%, other indoor uses 12%.  She continued with comments regarding watering efficiently, and many other water use tips.  Did you know the Colorado environment is one of perpetual dryness interrupted by periods of above-average moisture?  Donna's talk was delivered with quite professionally, very informative with many good tips about how to conserve water.  Her subject is very timely for everyone present.  She held a long question and answer session, also informative.