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September 19, 2002


This Weeks Reporter: Orian Hunter

Weekly News Letter

2002-2003 Officers

Chairman of the Board ……Orian Hunter
President………….Phil Grimm
VP Sponsorship…Joe Dowdey
VP Programs…….Tim Pollak
VP Membership…Nick Morrone
Secretary………...Mike Ballew
Sgt-at-arms……...Bob Hogge
Attendance………John Hogge
Bingo……………..Pat McKim
Growth…………...Jason Hand
Incentives………..Rick Campbell
Social…………….Dean Hiss
Ways & Means….Don Masias

 Sept. 26 - Regular Meeting
Pat Klocker CO Dept. of Health
 West Niles Virus 

Sept. 26th - Regular Meeting
Oct. 3rd - Regular Meeting
Oct. 8th  Board Meeting
 Oct. 10th - Regular Meeting
 Oct.14th - Presidents Round Table
 Oct. 17th - Regular Meeting
Oct. 24th - Regular Meeting
Oct. 31st - Regular Meeting

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.  Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10 a piece and return the club 10%


Sept. 25  D 
    Oct 2      
Oct  9     A
Oct 16    B
Oct 23    C

Pot of Gold - Carlson

       Handshake Prize - McKim

A Thought Worth Repeating

 " I never dared be radical when young For fear it would make me conservative when old."  -Robert Frost (Precaution)


 Song - Shillo          Pledge - Stein             Invocation- Rev. Bill

We all know how it goes:  The song, the pledge, the food!  And then for some strange reason, GOLF broke out!  There was just enough time to announce the winners of the Football Pool last week (Miley and Bezjak)...Just enough time for Masias to sell some Entertainment Books...Barely enough time for McKim to announce the $5,600 Bing deposit...Scarcely enough time for Enslow to...Well, you know how Enslow's announcements go.  It was golf, golf, and more golf.  It would appear as though the entire group accomplished much at the Annual Fall Classic Golf Outing...!   President Grimm told golf stories...Something about ball recovery and then one about Parchen and a bus schedule...Proudly, ever so proudly, Harder, McGee, Carlson, Bezjak, Stein, and Enslow received award after award for their stellar efforts to fight the wind, the rain, and gravity during the hunt for the little white sphere!  The highlight of the day, however, was the bestowing of Sertoma International's Affection upon Dick Mason, in recognition of his exhaustive efforts and success in assuring that Travis Garrett became a member of Arapahoe!  Mason received a pin which will result in a hole in one of his shirts!


Rick Campbell, defiantly wearing his cap, was introduced as the SOD.  Rick was a little sketchy about any and all rivers during his presentation, but we did learn that it all started for our Incentives Director in Elgin, Illinois (There must be a ton of rivers there!).  Rick spoke fondly of his military career, having been awarded a draft lottery number of FIVE, his induction, and his discharge five DAYS later, compliments of Richard Nixon.  Rick moved to Colorado in 1973 following a ski vacation which resulted in the realization that the climate in Colorado might be conducive to raising three daughters.  Rick, and his wife Renee (who has been rumored to actually be a member of Arapahoe), not only raised, but provided weddings for all three of their daughters.  Rick now has no money, so he's hoping we all need body work.  Helmick got Rick's last $5.


Program Chairman, Don Masias introduced Corinne Ablin, LCSW, Director of Porter Hospice.  Ms. Ablin provided us with an excellent program covering the history of hospice, hospice myths, hospice admission criteria, hospice care settings, hospice services, and the goals of hospice care.  It was interesting to note that at this time, there are approximately 775,000 individuals benefiting from hospice care in the United States, and that this number represents only one-third of the people in this country who are eligible for these services. It was also enlightening to learn that not all hospice care is provided in hospice facilities; that some care as people near the end of their lives is provided by the hospice care givers in the patient's home.  At this time, there are over 3,000 Hospice care programs in the United States.  The modern Hospice movement was begun by Dr. Cicely Saunders in the 1960's in London, and Medicare has been funding Hospice care since 1983.  Although this is a topic we really do not enjoy thinking about, it was a great program!  Thank you!


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