This Week in Review

September 26, 2002

This Weeks Reporter Tim Pollack

Weekly News Letter

2002-2003 Officers

Chairman of the Board ……Orian Hunter
President………..Phil Grimm
VP Sponsorship……Joe Dowdey
VP Programs……….Tim Pollak
VP Membership…Nick Morrone
Secretary………...Mike Ballew
Sgt-at-arms……...Bob Hogge
Attendance……John Hogge
Bingo…………..Pat McKim
Growth………...Jason Hand
Incentives……..Rick Campbell
Social……….Dean Hiss
Ways & Means….Don Masias

 Oct. 3rd - Regular Meeting
Craig MacFarlane, Blind Olympic Gold Medal Athlete- Author of Inner Vision
Sponsored by Edward Jones 

Oct. 8th  Board Meeting
 Oct. 10th - Regular Meeting
 Oct.14th - Presidents Round Table
 Oct. 17th - Regular Meeting
Oct. 24th - Regular Meeting
Oct. 31st - Regular Meeting

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.  Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club 

   Oct 2      E  
Oct  9     A
Oct 16    B
Oct 23    C
Oct. 30   D
Nov. 6    E

Mike Camelio,  our District Governor, introduced by Rich Carlson

Jason Hand introduced 
Dave Bertsch  to our motley crew

Pot of Gold - Rick Jacobus

       Handshake Prize - Dick Laskey

Great Quotes from Great Leaders

"You can observe a lot by watching."
"We have a lot of fun together even when we're not together." (referring to his wife)
"I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous."
"It's Deja Vu all over again."
"It gets late early out here." (referring to the West coast)
"The future ain't what it used to be."
"If people don't want to go to the ball park, how are you going to stop them?"

-Yogi Berra

   Song - Bill Parchen               Pledge - Bob Hogge           Invocation- Rev. Bill

 After an enthusiastic song, a heart felt pledge, an inspiring invocation and a pleasing meal of roast beef, fresh snap peas, corn bread, mashed potatoes and gravy with cookies for dessert, the pres. called the meeting to order with a call for guests.  Two guests were introduced between a volley of fines.  Rich Carlson was fined $.25 for his poor introduction of our esteemed dist. governor.  John Vierthaler fined $.50 for failure to pay back the full $3 that he borrowed from Pat McKim.  Dave Miley was fined a buck for a poor beer impersonation of Longfellow, and later on Nick Morrone fined himself a buck for "the money I bet on Penn. State over Nebraska".  Don Masias announced that he had Entertainment Books to sell.  Ed Bezjak announced that E team is up next week, which prompted Pat McKim to day that D team last night had a deposit of $6,700, even though there were only 99 players.  Tim Pollak announced his usual "King Soopers" and 'Tony Meats" coupons for sale.  John Pifer handed out calendars to the several Fall Classic golfers in attendance.  Orian Hunter brought attention to the "well written" bulletin posted on our web site (omitting al mention of the fact that the printed version did not  even carry the URL).  Dick Enslow asked who to submit golf winners names to for posting in the bulletin, since the previous editor lambasted all the time taken by that subject at our last meeting.


Steve Bolyard was introduced as SOD and wasted no time reporting that he was born in "the desert" of Oklahoma, since he'd not researched the rivers nearby.  "A nice State to be from," he said.  He served in the U.S. Marine Corp.  Joined Sertoma in 1956, brought in by Craig, who then moved to MO.  He was the "10th and 11th President."  The first year morale was low and no one brought a guest for 15 months, but they founded the Superior Club the next year which began a string of 11 years in which a new club was built each year.  Upon questioning, he admitted to being married to Jean 48 years and they have "3 kids."  In keeping with his long standing tradition, the white wine went to Will Martinez and the red to Jason Hand.


Program Chairman du juor, John Vierthaler, introduced CO native, Patricia" Patty" Klocker of the CO Department of Public Health and Environment.  She is Assistant Director of the Consumer Protection Division, and worked her way up over 22 years from filed inspector.  She explained that this small (staff of 28) department is responsible for regulating and inspecting all Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Schools, Child Care Centers, Dairy Farms and Plants, Food Warehouses, Food Processors (except meat), Tanning Facilities, Medical Device Manufactures, Mobile Home Parks, Hotels and Motels, Jails and Labels for Food and Hazardous Household Products.   Her talk covered the importance of cooking ground beef thoroughly (at least 155 degrees) to prevent illness from e-coil, especially after the severe outbreaks this summer, which sent 15 people to the hospital.  The inside story was exciting to hear. Prevent West Nile with "Bug Spray." 

12th Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic
-The Rest of the Story-

"Closest to Pin" #15 - Doug Harder      "Longest Put"  #18 - Mike Magee

"Championship Flight - Gross"  1.  Dick Enslow 86    #2.  Doug Harder  91

"1st Flight- (GHINN HDCP)"      #1.   Bob Stein     63   #2.   Ed Bezjak  69

"Sandbagger Flight - Callaway"  #1. Mike Magee 71  #2. Rich Carlson 72

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