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This Weeks Reporter: Randy Smith

September 11, 2003

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This Week In Review
The day started with a song and pledge to be proud of and a prayer for strength and hope.  The meal was burritos, black beans and rice.   

Bill Benton proposed a two-bit fine to the president for maintaining such excellent control of the meeting that Table One has been unable to create a commotion that would result in a fine for them.  The motion passed.   Ed Bezjak proposed a 25c fine to Table One, plus former Table One member Bill Benton because they have not had a fine recently.  Doug Harder fined George Hannes claiming “Stumpiness” when he is only a “Twig.”  Dick Enslow was fined $1 for advertising that he now specializes in reverse mortgages.

Sertoman of the Day

Norm Selby, celebrating his 21st wedding anniversary today, joined the club about 8 months ago (brought in by Zack Harder)  He grew up within a mile of the Elks Club.  He attended most of the schools in Englewood—all but one is still standing as a school.  He also attended Rangely Junior College and Adams State where he played baseball.  He met his bride when they each were working with persons with developmental disabilities.  They have two daughters.  He works for Western United Mortgage.  His $5 went to Bob Lutes.


John Vierthaler introduced Mary Greer, Director of Public Relations and Government Affairs for AAA of Colorado.  Ms. Greer is an authority on gasoline pricing.  She discussed the price changes in pump prices of gasoline that have occurred this year.  One cause of the price increases is the “war premium” on gasoline began before the start of the Iraq War.  The United States does not have the refining capacity to meet the current demands of drivers.  In the 1970s, there were 350 refineries while today there are about 175.  During that time period, although fuel economy has improved, vehicle miles have tripled.  An example of the problems of reduced capacity was noted in the gasoline pipeline break between Phoenix and Tucson.  The price and availability of gasoline in one part of the country can affect the price and availability of it in Denver.  Today’s average price of regular unleaded self-serve gas is $1,672. 

AAA maintains a website, which can be accessed through AAAs website, that tracks the gasoline prices in 300 cities.  There were many questions following this excellent program.

To access their website from here, Click on the AAA banner above.




  There’s a reception for Dale Hand.  See invitation below.

2.      Rich Carlson promoted a fundraiser for the Elks Veterans Home at Fitzsimmons. 
Buy your flags from Rich and support great effort.

3.      Dick Enslow announced Chatfield Sertoma’s Golf Clinic for hearing impaired and deaf youths on October 4th at Foothills Golf Course.  They still have some openings for participants.

4.       Bob Gallagher is out of the hospital and doing much better.

5.     Bingo was very good last night.  Over 200 people attended.  The deposit, including the progressive, was over $12,000.  A lot players are expected next week.  Plan to be there around 6:00 pm.   


 You’re Invited!

In order to thank you for your encouragement and friendship and

To celebrate the International Sertoman of the Year Award

Awarded July 31, 2003 to Dale Hand

Please come to a dessert reception

Sunday, September 21, 2003, 3-6 pm

5262 Cedar Valley Drive, Loveland, Colorado

 Hosted by Gloria, Travis, Inta, Jason, and Jayna Hand  

RSVP to or call (970) 669-1770

The Social Committee is coordinating carpooling.

Contact Bob Buckland for information  

On The Calendar 

Sept 16  Annual Golf Tournament - See Dick Enslow
Sept 17 Bingo Team D
Sept 18 Regular Meeting- Rick Curtis presenting information on the speech easy device - come hear what that’s about
Sept 21

Dan Miller's B'Day
Dessert Reception for Dale Hand (see Announcements) 

Sept 23

Autumn Begins

Sept 24 Bingo Team E
Sept 25 Regular Meeting- Prof Mary Ann Watson , Metro State speaking on ethnicity misunderstanding in America
Sept 26 Ed Bezjak's B'Day
Sept 27 Web Designer's B'Day

Thoughts to Ponder 

People who say life is not worthwhile are really saying that they themselves have no personal goals which are worthwhile... Get yourself a goal worth working for.
Better still, get yourself a project... Always have something ahead of you to " look forward to"--to work for and to hope for.  ~ Maxwell Maltz  

Sometimes the best helping hand you can give is a good, firm push.                                           ~ Joann Thomas
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. 
Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.  ~ Winston Churchill