This Week In Review - September 16, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Carl Duncan

Song-  Anybody’s guess    Pledge - Fred Downs   
Invocation -  Started by Dave Miley - Ended by Bill Kohlmeier

Guests:  None- We won’t increase membership this way

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  BOB SCHLAGETER has the new entertainment books available @ $22 each.  MIKE MAGEE is selling grocery coupons - 4 for $100 (easy money for the club).  GEORGE HANNES is considering letting STEP 13 run the auction.  The club needs to make some decisions here.   The E Team deposited $5,455 and the progressive is up to $5,071, so next Wednesday should experience an increase in attendance.  

DICK ENSLOW announced the results of the 14th Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic held on Tuesday September 14th.  PHIL GRIMM was closest to the pin on #15; BOB HOGGE made the longest putt on #18; Championship Flight - Gross DICK ENSLOW (82) and DICK LASKEY (88); 1st Flight (GHIN HDCP)  NET - NORM SCHILLO (76) and RICK JACOBUS (79); Sandbagger Flight - Callaway - MIKE MAGEE (75) and DAVE MILEY (75).  

FINES: RICK JACOBUS tried to fine DAVE MILEY for jump-starting the invocation; however the club declined to interfere in the affairs of THE ALMIGHTY and Dave retained his two bits.

Handshake - Bill Worth    Pot Of Gold - Joe Geers  

Sertoman of the Day



JOHN VIERTHALER introduced Dr. Michael B. Duke who is the Director of the Space Research Center at the School of Mines in Golden.  Dr. Duke’s team of scientists was selected to plan a robotic lunar mission to the south pole Aiken basis on the back side of the moon.   This is an area that experienced a major meteor impact that caused sub-surface material to be brought to the surface of the moon.  The analysis of this material will help determine the age of this basin and may shed light on the history of early collisions on the inner planets of our solar system.   Data created by this mission may also help answer the questions concerning the origin of life - did it occur naturally or was it affected by by celestial collisions.  
Dr Duke’s team is in competition with another group which is planning a Jupiter mission.  The winner will be chosen in April 2005.   Should the Duke team win, usable data will not be obtained until 2010.

On the Calendar


September 21 

Happy Birthday Dan Miller - Board Meeting

September 22

Bingo Team A -   Autumn Begins 

September 23 

Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Stein

September 26

Happy Birthday Ed Bezjak

September 29

Bingo Team B

September 30

Regular Meeting - SOD Lloyd Steinmann

    Positive initiative

A smile will give you something to smile about. Just try it and see. Offer an encouraging word and suddenly you'll have a reason to be encouraged.  It works every time.

Be positive and you'll have something to be positive about. Rather than waiting and hoping that something good will come along, be the something good that comes along.

You always have the ability and the opportunity to change the world for the better in your own special way. Every moment that goes by is a moment you can use to move positively forward, when you choose to do so.

If the day seems too dark, fill it with the light of your love and laughter. If life seems too discouraging, give to it your positive energy.

The situation is always ripe for someone to step forward with a positive initiative. Be that someone, right here, right now, and see how great it can be.

-- Ralph Marston