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This Weeks Reporter: Fred Downs

September 18, 2003

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This Week In Review
Arapahoe Sertomans almost have  “How to be First in the Chow Line” developed  to an art.  The obvious winners seem to be at least 20 pounds overweight.  The President called for introduction of guests.  Jack Marshall brought  Eugene Janskey and won a $.25 fine for mispronouncing his name. Joe Dowdey  brought Chris Burtraw and escaped a fine.  Dick Sorensen announced that old friend Bob Cote is having a Step 13 Gala October 13th.  Plans are underway to invite Bob as guest speaker before the event, and hopefully sell Arapahoe a Table. Bob Hogge passed out prospect sheets for a new Sertoma Club in Highlands Ranch.  He needs addresses and telephone numbers to go with the list.  Let’s help him.  Dick Enslow reported results of the Arapahoe Fall Golf Classic: Zack Harder won 1st place with a 69, Bill Kohlmeier 72, Phil Grimm 75, Dave Miley 76.  Zach Harder also won the longest putt, 99 ft. Let’s hear it for the golfers.  Prophets were pretty close guessing bingo results last week; 235 people in attendance, $9977 gross deposited.  Of course, there were expenses, too.   President Pollak gave his President awards to Zack Harder for mending the Club Banner, to Bob Hogge for an early start on building a new club, And to dick Enslow  for Bingo leadership.  Congratulations, gentlemen.  Tim also asked that our club participate in providing a new name for our region.  He also stated that the Promotion Club needs one new member.  The Promotion Club meets 4 times each year and plans events in which all club may participate.  Dale Hand, International Sertoman of the Year, will be honored at a reception  at his home in Longmont September 21st, 3 to 6 P.M. Car pools now being formed.  President Tim also gave an update on the activities of other clubs in the area.
Sertoman of the Day

Norm Shillo started his 13th SOD bio sketch with the promise that it would be short.  He started with his dad , who was a Colorado Pioneer, arriving in 1901 and settling in N. Denver where Norm attended  Elementary and High  Schools, graduating in 1945 and immediately joining the US Navy.  After his release from active duty, he became a bricklayer, a trade he practice 20 years.  From bricklaying he became a house builder, retired early and moved to AZ where he played tennis in the sun.  A few years he returned to the Denver area, where Bill Anderson brought him to Sertoma.  Norm lost his wife and has remarried to Ann about 6 years ago.  Between the two of them, they have 3 daughters, 4 sons, 15 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  Norm declares how lucky he is with his large family and Sertoma to keep him busy.  I missed who got his $5.


John Vierthaler introduced Rick and Angie Curtis of Ft. Collins .  Rick has suffered with stammering from birth, 50 years ago. His story reveals his courage and character. He was educated in Greeley and graduated from CSU with a degree in accounting.  He comments that in elementary school his classmates got the day off when speech was required of him.  In high school, he lived in anger and pain.  “Praise God for Angie,” he states.  Stammering did not keep him out of the military (AF).  He was trained as a radar operator and did OK in the US and then they transferred him to Germany and placed him in a job where he had to communicate with air traffic.  Naturally the radio gave him problems.  However, he enjoyed traveling in Germany and Austria . After his discharge from the AF, he became a controller for a company for 20 years. Ten years ago, while he was suffering from deep depression.  Then ,“I found Jesus Christ and things got better.”  I soon discovered a device called Speech-Easy a device produced by Janus Development Co.”   Removing a small “hearing aid” device from his ear, Rick describes it as an electronic instrument which allows him to “hear” his speech as well as those speaking to him. There is a slight delay of information which allows him to speak without stuttering.  He made no effort to explain further, except that the device has the power of a Pentium  II computer chip.  The device works, thereby allowing Rich to speak clearly, which means so much to his  quality of life.  The Church where Rich and Angie attend services has paid most of the cost of his expensive Speech Easy.  Today, Arapahoe Sertoma has also made a nice contribution to help with the balance.  Rick and Angie operate a small business, Cotney Peaks Mfg., makers of custom bathing soaps and lotions in Ft. Collins .  Theirs is a heart-warming story, filled with years of suffering . Now there is peace and joy.

A note to Sam and Mary,  It was a delight to have Rick and Angie with us today. We are all happy for them and we know you are, too.   


  Arapahoe Sertoma Welcomes our guests.

Chris Burtraw, guest of Joe Dowdey
Eugene Janskey, guest of Jack Marshall



 You’re Invited!

In order to thank you for your encouragement and friendship
and To celebrate the International Sertoman of the Year Award

Awarded July 31, 2003 to Dale Hand 
Please come to a dessert reception  
Sunday, September 21, 2003, 3-6 pm  
5262 Cedar Valley Drive, Loveland, Colorado

 Hosted by Gloria, Travis, Inta, Jason, and Jayna Hand  

RSVP to His2Hands@msn.com or call (970) 669-1770

The Social Committee is coordinating carpooling.  
Contact Bob Buckland for information  

On The Calendar 

Sept 21

Dan Miller's B'Day
Dessert Reception for Dale Hand (see Announcements) 

Sept 23

Autumn Begins

Sept 24 Bingo Team E
Sept 25 Regular Meeting- Prof Mary Ann Watson , Metro State speaking on ethnicity misunderstanding in America
Sept 26 Ed Bezjak's B'Day
Sept 27 Web Designer's B'Day

Thoughts to Ponder