This Week In Review - September 2, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth 

Song - Unknown             Pledge - A Patriot         Invocation - M. Magee

A loud, boisterous bunch, finishing their ham, scalloped potatoes, salad and cookies were called to order by President Dowdey, who commented that all in attendance got the date right on their slips except one.  It took a lot of posturing to get him to identify Tim Pollak as the guilty one.  Tim was promptly fined a quarter for not knowing the date.  Tim, not to be outdone, fined Dr. Elsey a buck for advertising his kitty litter on Channel 4 in person.  Don Smith fined Dick Mason for failing to hang the banner again. In turn, Mason fined Don Smith for not knowing Bingo Numbers. The motion FAILED. Mason sold a few Bronco tickets, reaping $15. Parchen fined him $.25 and started a lot of discussion. Bruce Elsey won 2 tickets for his $5 investment.  Tim Pollak needs someone to march with him during the Gateway to the Parade.  Please   someone do it.  Mike Magee declares he is nearly out of King Soopers Coupons - only 4 for $100 - Hurry.  D Team is up next Wednesday and is cautioned: Do not discuss fishing in the pickle pit, speak softly. Don't disturb the Bingo players.  The C Team sweated out a $4000 deposit.  The Divine Serteen Club of Overland High invites you to EAT OUT at ZIA'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT in Aurora on 9/14/04 and/or 9/28/04 , 4 pm to closing.  I-225 & Iliff, East to Blackhawk & South 1 block, 303-369-6993 ZIA'S will donate 20% of your meal ticket to the Serteen Club.  See Mike Ballew for coupons.  Dick Enslow touted the Arapahoe Fall Classic Golf Tournament. Table1 was fined for behaving like fish at a Bingo game.

Handshake - Martinez                Pot Of Gold - Miley

Sertoman of the Day

Norm of 3 brothers was born in Englewood, and attended elementary, middle and high school there. He finally graduated and attended Rangley Jr. College where he majored in football. Later he attended Adams State College majoring in business and accounting. Norm worked nearly a quarter century at DDRC in their human resources dept. He is married and has 1 daughter in college. Norm is serving as Membership VP. Thanks Norm. Zack Harder sponsored Norm. Don Marshall got his fiver.


Today’s Program, introduced by John Vierthaler, was Susan Hamelin, Chairman and Executive Director of The Lung Connection, Inc. (TLC) TLC is a comprehensive and reliable resource for individuals and families in America for ways to survive and prosper in the lung transplant business. TLC provides short-term housing and transportation for out-of-town transplant recipients who must spend three months close to the transplant center after surgery. After the three month period there will be additional visits to clinics, which require outpatient treatment for a few days or as little as a couple of hours. A lung transplant survivor herself, Susan described the process from detection of the need for a transplant, finding a donor with specific requirements, hospitalization, transportation, surgery and recovery. Very complex and very worthwhile. Arapahoe members asked many questions and received answers to all. Susan's program was well presented and very informative. We thank her and wish her well.

A special thanks to Fred Downs for covering for this week’s reporter at the last moment and doing a bang up job – WEW

What is Arapahoe’s New Member Process?

Bring a prospective member to lunch, have him complete an application, give the application to the member ship chair Norm Selby. The prospect will be published in the space above in two consecutive bulletins and the board will take the appropriate action. As the sponsor, you will be notified and the Induction will be scheduled. Within a few weeks we will schedule an Orientation meeting for all new members. This will get your new member off to a good start. Remember you start the process by bringing a guest

With New Members. . .The Sky is the Limit! For every member you recruit from now thru 12/31/04 you become eligible for an Air Check, which gives you up to $100 off an airline ticket. There are some conditions and restrictions, but this International ‘One for One’ membership program is worth checking into. For the 5 top member-getters in Sertoma there are additional awards. If you want to know more, check Sertoma’s web site:

The Arapahoe Sertoma Board of Directors meets every month on the second Tuesday at 6pm, and you are always invited to attend. Meetings are at the Elks Club. This meeting is where the business of the club is conducted, Feel free to participate. A Board meeting is an acceptable makeup for attendance purposes. Please don’t forget that your input is important to the club. Attend the meetings of the committee to which you are assigned. Don’t know? - ask the prez.  Your help is needed to assist the club in selecting a recipient for the Service to Mankind Award. The person we will honor is someone who renders or has rendered significant service to the community and who is not a Sertoman. Please help us find this person. The deadline is just around the corner. Contact Sponsorship chair Jack Marshall or President D
owdey for information. 

On the Calendar


September  6 

Happy Labor Day Happy Birthday Tim Pollak 

September  8 

Bingo Team D

September  9 

Regular Meeting - SOD- Jim Perkins 

September 10 

Happy Birthday Norm Schillo

September 11 

Happy Birthday Travis Garrett          9-11-01 Never Forget

September 14 

Board Meeting

September 15 

Bingo Team E

September 16 

Regular Meeting - SOD Randy Smith

September 21 

Happy Birthday Dan Miller

September 22

Bingo Team A -   Autumn Begins 

September 23 

Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Stein

September 26

Happy Birthday Ed Bezjak

September 29

Bingo Team B

September 30

Regular Meeting - SOD Lloyd Steinmann


* 1,000,000 aches =1 megahurt
* 2 million bicycles =2 megacycles
* 2000 mockingbirds =2 kilomockingbirds
* 1 trillion pins = 1 terrapin* 4 nickels = 2 paradigms
* 1/2 a large intestine =1 semicolon
* 52 cards = 1 decacards
* 2000 lbs Chinese soup =1 Won ton
* 1 millionth of a fish =1 microfiche
* 100 Senators =Not 1 Decision

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