This Week In Review - September 23, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Carl Duncan

Song- Carl Duncan     Pledge - Gus Szala    Invocation - Bill Kohlmeier

After munching his way through some of the best spaghetti and meat balls the club has ever had, President JOE DOWDEY asked for the introduction of guests.   Since there were none, he felt compelled to again make an issue of the dates entered by attendees on the attendance slips.  In the past, not knowing what day it was was no great issue.   However, TOM FRY felt that missing the month called for a fine which DAVE MILEY paid after he looked at the slip he turned in.   Welcome to the month of September Dave!   The big fine of the day was $1.00 assessed against the Pres.   DON SMITH heard him refer to our Sertoma song as “a silly song”   Perhaps someone should have fined DON SMITH for eavesdropping.   

BOB SCHLAGETER has the entertainment books for distribution: PAT McKIM, on behalf of the Social Committee, reminded the club of the DU hockey game on Friday, October 22.  ED BEZJAK announced the bingo A team deposited $4,880 and that the progressive is over $5,600, which inspired PAT McKIM   to urge the various team members to show up on their appointed night since the crowds should start to increase.

Various photographers attempted to take a picture of DICK ENSLOW and a golf trophy in honor of the 14th Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic (the results of which were announced in last week’s bulletin). This reporter is confused as to who takes the trophy  home since more than one member was invited to have his picture taken with Dick and the trophy.  No printable photo was made.   BILL WORTH where are you when we need you and your camera?

Handshake - None    Pot Of Gold - Carl Duncan    Bronco Tickets - Rick Campbell

Sertoman of the Day

ROBERT JOSEPH (ALOUISIOUS ?) STEIN was today’s S O D.   He is a 3rd generation Colorado resident.   He spent 4 years in the Navy after graduating from Regis High School. His nuclear submarine  experience included  one tour that lasted 114 days. On another tour his submarine went under the North Pole ice cap.   Bob finished college by taking intensive summer courses at the Univ of Wisconsin.   He joined our club the second time in 1978.  Her was the club President in 1984-85 when our club built two other clubs.   He was the District Governor in 1989  when over 100 members were added to the various district clubs   Bob not only has done it all - he has done it well.


JOHN VIERTHALER introduced Jim Miller who has spent over 18 years with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.   Mr. Miller’s remarks concerned the transfer of water from use by farmers to urban industry and population.   In the past, the lack of water has not stopped population growth.  By 2030 the Front Range will add 1.9 million people.   Supplying these people with water will result in  drying up 15% of the farms along the Platte River drainage.   The Arkansas River in southern Colorado and the Colorado River on the Western Slope will experience similar diversions. Solutions to the problem will require creative thinking and cooperation with developers; re-use and recycle technology need to be employed; forests need to be thinned so that water reaches the ground instead of evaporating off the canopy; new and improved storage facilities need to be developed; conservation practices of all citizens must continue.

On the Calendar


September 26

Happy Birthday Ed Bezjak

September 29

Bingo Team B

September 30

Regular Meeting - SOD Lloyd Steinmann
October  6 Bingo Team C
October  7

 Regular Meeting - Happy Birthday Fred Downs   - SOD - Bill Storey

October 11      Columbus Day
October 13    Bingo Team D
October 14   Regular Meeting - Happy Birthday Bill Benton - SOD- Gus Szala

October 20  

Bingo Team E

October 21    

Regular Meeting - SOD - Jack Thompson

October 27    

 Bingo Team A

October 28   

 Regular Meeting   - SOD - John Vierthaler

October 31     

Daylight Savings Day Ends - Halloween

Encouraging others

When you're in need of encouragement, offer your own encouragement to someone else. Nothing can lift you more surely and genuinely than your own efforts to lift another. Think back on the times you remember most fondly. And you'll see that the brightest days have been those days when you've given most generously of yourself. 
When you focus only on your own problems and challenges, it puts you in a negative and helpless state of mind. Yet when you turn your attention to helping others with the challenges they face, you naturally become more positive and effective. 
When you sense that you're feeling sorry for yourself, redirect that energy. Transform it into compassion for others. There is always something you can do to lift up those around you. And it's a reliable way to lift your spirits as well. Give the encouragement you would like to receive. And you will indeed receive it in double measure.

-- Ralph Marston