This Week In Review - September 30, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth

Song- Sir Spontaneous       Pledge - Mr. Buckland  Invocation - Rev. Kohlmeier

Funny how as the singing, shaking, pledging, and praying ends, the members are neatly aligned in a row that happens to extend from the corner of the buffet table to the badge box.  In a gross miscarriage of etiquette, two members who should not be named (but are known to be a retired dentist and a car sales-man) entered the chow line ahead of our speaker guests.  The procedural para diddle and legal wrangling was way over the head of the club leader but with help we managed to fine all of Table One.  Barrister Vierthaler paid a buck for the legal advice no one understood.  Dowdey paid a buck for something.  Bingo results very pretty good this week with increased attendance.  The Progressive is still going  - so be sure you are there when your turn comes.  Among announcement: If you made a pledge to MS for Zach Harder’s efforts on their behalf, please contact Doug Harder.  Pat McKim may have a few tickets left for the 10/22 DU Hockey Game, but contact him now.  District Governor Mike Ballew says  some clubs are holding ‘Rush Parties’ and need additional prospects - Contact Mike.  Sponsorship Chair Jack Marshall is looking for more help on the Freedom Week project - say ‘I’ll help”.   Joe Geers won the Handshake prize, Combellick the Pot O Gold.

Sertoman of the Day

Don Smith Approves This Message

SOD Don Smith, in a surprise announcement today, indicated that he is a candidate for President of the United States. Along with an audio/visual presentation, the candidate provided his background, history and character traits to the select audience.  Truly a shame that other news outlets were unable to attend.  Following the initial announcement (audio-Hail to the Chief) the new presidential seal was shown (visual-seal).  A 1946 native of Milwaukee Wisconsin (10 electoral votes),  Don grew up in Denver and was schooled in Denver and Littleton.  Don joined the Navy (audio - Anchors Away) where he was schooled as a Radioman (visual-insignia of rank).  He provided a lengthy discussion of encoding and encrypting technology, an obvious plus for the presidential role.  Following the Navy, Don had a variety of jobs and occupations in CA, NB, KS and CO.  Don has been with 3 Railroads for a total of 23 years, repairing  Telecommunication Equipment. He’s married to Jean, who is the master (mistress?) of our club website.  Don then made an impassioned plea to “send Mr. Smith to Washington”.  Editorial comment:  the best candidate I’ve seen to date.  The fiver went Bob Buckland, who should have donated it to Don’s campaign fund.  Don is currently on the Board as Publicity Chair.  Thanks Don.  Oh, I’m sure Don mentioned he served a couple of tours in Viet Nam..


Today’s Program, introduced by John Vierthaler, was given Dr David Kelsall, son of our own distinguished Dr. C Howard Kelsall, charter member and retired Englewood Pediatrician.  Dr Dave was accompanied by Sue Goodin.  David gave us an excellent overview of CNI (Colorado Neurological Institute Center for Hearing).  CNI has a variety of programs that connect to the hearing needs of this community and to the world. He gave an excellent presentation of Cochlear Implants and their continuing and increasing impact on the ability to help the hearing impaired.  He told of their activities around the world in the World Hearing Network effort.  He told us of the effort in the Cochlear Kids Camp.  Thanks to Sue, who is Development Director, for explaining the financial needs of the group.  Thanks Dr Dave for producing an excellent program and thanks Dr Howie for producing such a great speaker.

Announcements etc.

FDC (Fall District Conference) -  October 23 -  Be There Wyndam Hotel - DTC - 8am to 2pm - District Business, Training, Awards - Club will probably pay registration The new Entertainment Books are available.  Pick one up at the meeting or contact Bob Schlageter.  You can reclaim your investment very quickly.  Your purchase will help the club.  

With New Members . . . The Sky is the Limit!  For every member you recruit from now to 12/31/04 you become eligible for an Air Check, which gives you up to $100 off an airline ticket.   There are some conditions and restrictions, but this International ‘One for One’ membership program is worth checking into.  For the 5 top member-getters in Sertoma there are additional awards.  If you want to know more, check Sertoma’s web site:

On the Calendar


October   6 Bingo Team C

October  7

Regular Meeting - Happy Birthday Fred Downs    - SOD - Bill Storey
 October 11      Columbus Day
October 13    Bingo Team D
October 14   Regular Meeting - Happy Birthday Bill Benton - SOD- Gus Szala

October 20  

Bingo Team E

October 21    

Regular Meeting - SOD - Jack Thompson

October 27    

Bingo Team A

October 28   

Regular Meeting   - SOD - John Vierthaler

October 31     

Daylight Savings Day Ends - Halloween

 Fun with Words . . .

  • A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion

  • Pay your exorcist or you will be repossessed

  • Every calendar’s days are numbered

  • A hungry clock goes back four seconds

  • A bicycle cannot stand on it’s own - it’s two tired

  • A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat

  • A lot of money is tainted - ‘taint yours - ‘taint mine

  • Acupuncture is a jab well done

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