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This Weeks Reporter: Bill Worth

September 4 , 2003

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This Week In Review
Members were so choked up as our new president stepped to the podium and boldly tapped the bell, that the song barely  passed the lips of the awe inspired members.  They did slowly recover, but the song bore little resemblance to the one we are used to.  Following a hearty Salisbury steak and potatoes fare, the fines began - almost all aimed at the president.  Inexperienced, the president actually declared that the first fine (25 cents to fine him for starting late) failed.  He got better as the meeting went on.  No guests today!  We need prospects. Among the announcements: Bob Gallagher is in the hospital but is now doing better.  Use your influence Bob - get out.  B Bingo had 164 players on the 3rd - the progressive is now up to $6049 - $5200 deposited.  The roster is available on the web site.  Ask Don Smith is available on the web site.  Ask Don Smith for the magic passwords or listen for them at the meeting.  Tim presented his goals for the year.  We will review them in the bulletins during the month.  Handshake - Parchen - POG – Laskey
Sertoman of the Day

In place of an SOD, we were treated to plaguing and pinning today.  In recognition of a great year, Phil Grimm received a ‘well done’ plaque.  Thanks Phil. (The past president’s pin is on backorder.)  The incoming president received the President’s pin and officers received the pins of their offices. Our new prez will be presenting ‘Keys of Excellence Sertoma Key Tags’.  The very first was awarded at the CLC to Norm Selby for his super work in organizing the Lemonade Sale. The second went to Secretary Mike Ballew for organizing the president (or something like that).


Today’s Program - Rev Jim Walters.  Jim gave us a great present- action on ‘ Burma Shave’ signs.  These are instantly recognized by any member who grew up in the 30’s and 40’s or 50’s.  In many cases they represent the closest thing to culture some of our guys know.  Jim, pastor of the Bear Valley Church, told us the story of Clinton O’Dell, Burma Shave Cream, and the signs that successfully sold the product.  The program was introduced by John Vierthaler, who says he has a connection with Jim through their kids.  Interestingly, several of the ‘poems’ were from the year of John’s birth.  Extra credit if you know what year that is.  Thanks, Jim - great program!  




Congratulations to our Perfect Attendees!!! 

Eleven members will be awarded Perfect Attendance Certificates for the 2002-2003 year: 
Rick Campbell, Joe Dowdey, Mabe Downey, Phil Grimm, Dean Hiss, Bob Hogge, Dick Laskey, Nick Morrone, Tim Pollak, Don Smith and Bill Worth.
- King Hunter almost had perfect attendance so will be almost awarded a
"perfect attendance certificate".

How can you be a perfect attendee?

By attending all the meetings, or by attending most and making up the missed ones with make up meetings.  You can make up a meeting by attending other Sertoma Clubs, Board meetings, District and International meetings, a meeting where you are a club representative of our club.  
Even on vacation, many cruises offer service club meetings.  You, too, can be a perfect
Give it a try.
  Ask Jack Marshall for more info.

Successful Club Leadership Conference held!

Prez Tim Pollak held his CLC (Club Leadership Conference) bright and early Wednesday morning September 3. Tim detailed his goals for the year and reviewed with each officer his responsibilities for the year.  Eight board members were in attendance.  The meeting was held at Le Peep’s in
Highlands Ranch, the intended meeting location for the ‘ Highlands Ranch’ Sertoma Club to be built this year. Every member of the club is important to a successful year.  Do your part!

News from International

You should have received recently  your copy of the ‘SERTOMAN Digest’ from Sertoma International.  The Digest is in addition to the quarterly SERTOMAN magazine.  International is trying hard to communicate with every member.  It seems we do our part by reading these publications. Last year’s theme was ‘embracinging change’; this issue of the digest clarifies many changes we are now seeing.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be fully informed.

On The Calendar 

Sept 8 Zang's Golf (see Sorensen)
Sept 9 Board Meeting 6pm Elks Club
Sept 10 Bingo Team C
Sept 11 Regular Meeting-Mary Greer - AAA - influences affecting gas prices
Sept 13 Rainbow Bridge Intergenerational Golf Tournament— at   Windsor Gardens Par 3 Golf Course, contact Linda Holloway
Sept 17 Bingo Team D
Sept 18 Regular Meeting- Rick Curtis presenting information on the speech easy device - come hear what that’s about
Sept 23

Autumn Begins

Sept 24 Bingo Team E
Sept 25 Regular Meeting- Prof Mary Ann Watson , Metro State speaking on ethnicity misunderstanding in America

Thoughts to Ponder 

Seen along the highway

In this World

of Toil and Sin

Your Head Goes Bald

But Not Your Chin



Henry the Eighth

Sure had Trouble

Short on Wives

Long on Stubble



Lawyers, Doctors

Sheiks and Bakers

Mountaineers and Undertakers

Make their Bristly Beards Behave

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