This Week In Review - September 9, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Dave Miley

Song -Nick Morrone             Pledge - Ed Bezjak         Invocation - Bill Kohlmeier

Guests: Ware Page, Andy George, and David Duncan

The Day In Review:  The meeting started fine, good song, well done pledge, and a superb invocation.  The food was great, for the first twenty-five guys through the line.  For the rest, well, "let them eat chips."  A severe miscalculation was made by the caterer.  She forgot Pifer and some others, always take two helpings.  This made many members "very chipy."  Ha ha.
Announcements:  Dick Enslow announced that the tee times for the up coming golf tourney, start at
1:00 PM. Tuesday the 14th at the Meadows.  The next Board meeting will be the following Tuesday, the 21st same time and place.  Dick Laskey subbed for Pat McKim, who is on injured reserve, at Bingo.  They deposited $5,000, had 84 players, and the progressive is up to $4,800.  Parchen fined Buckland for absence, ill health, and running out of food.  Bezak fined Duncan for subjecting his son to the poor influences of our club. Dick Mason sold Bronco raffle tickets for the Kansas City game Sunday night.  Some people even bought chances.

Handshake - Bruce Elsey    Pot Of Gold - Tim Pollak    Bronco Tickets Winner -  Bob Hogge

Sertoman of the Day

Jim Perkins subbed for Don Smith who was absent.  This was OK because Jim is more interesting than Don anyway.  Jim was born in Warrior Alabama .  He contacted polio as an infant.  This did not stop him from participating in bowling, table tennis, and golf, as he was growing up.  Jim moved to Chicago, and then to Denver .  He attended Eisenhower, McKinley, and Lincoln schools.  Jim has an MBA from; the University of Phoenix .  He worked a Norgrens for twenty six years as a product manager.  In 1993 he suffered a severe head injury.  At a convention in Chicago , he fell and hit his head.  As he said, "I have been on a roll ever since."  Jim is married to Alice and has six grand kids.  He was brought into the club by Joe Dowdy.  Bill Story won the $5.00.  Losers were Kirk Hon, and Jack Thompson.


Mike Magee brought us Carla Press, from the Denver Chamber of Commerce.  Carla gave us the low down on the "Fast Trax " ballot issue coming up in November.  Carla passed out informative brochures and answered questions concerning he issue.  The new rail systems are sorely needed to help with our transportation problems.  It sounds like a slam dunk, but don't forget to vote.  Thanks Mike and Carla for a great program.  See their website

Special Thanks and Congratulations to:  Alec Doucette for accepting a request to fill a vacancy on the Board.  Way to go Alec.

Doug Harder        Sept.  2  
Tim Pollak    
        Sept.  9
Norm Still     
        Sept. 10
Travis Garrett  
    Sept. 11
Dan Miller  
    Sept. 21
Ed Bezjak             Sept. 26

On the Calendar


September 11 
Never Forget

September 14 

Golf Tournament 

September 15 

Bingo Team E

September 16 

Regular Meeting - SOD Randy Smith

September 21 

Happy Birthday Dan Miller - Board Meeting

September 22

Bingo Team A -   Autumn Begins 

September 23 

Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Stein

September 26

Happy Birthday Ed Bezjak

September 29

Bingo Team B

September 30

Regular Meeting - SOD Lloyd Steinmann

One Sentence Sermons
          Don't put a question mark where God put a period.
          Wisdom has two parts:
               1. Having a lot to say.
               2. Not saying it.
          A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.
          Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church.
          God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.
          He who angers you, controls you.
          Plan ahead.  It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

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This Weeks Reporter:  William Randolph Hurst