THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....April 7, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - Enslowr           Pledge-Morrone                    Invocation - Rev. Robinson

Today’s fare was Bar-B-Q Beef, Potatoes, Cole Slaw and Cookies. We had two guests today: Jim Britton, member of Southwest Sertoma and guest of Norm Schillo; and Diana Milne, member of the Dry Creek Club.  Diana asked for support in her effort to do a ‘Marathon Walk’ (it would take most of our club in serial to walk that far) for the American Stroke Association.  Several members took information; call her and say you will support her effort.(303-79804357).  Table One, including it’s extended family, paid the usual two bit fine.  Report of D Team effort was good, with almost 200 players in attendance, plenty of workers, about $5000  deposited, and the Progressive (more than $14,000) available for the E team to give away. 
No Handshake; Pot O Gold went to Dave Miley.

Annual Meeting of the Arapahoe Sertoma Club

 Nominating Committee Chair Doug Harder presented again the report of  the committee.  Nomination were closed and a unanimous ballot was cast for the slate. Congratulations to one and all.  (See reverse side).  

Current Officers and Directors reported as follows:  

Attendance - Morrone - Attendance year to date is 54%. Also a total of  330 man-hours were reported by members, in addition to hours put into ongoing and established projects.

Social - Buckland - Social events have been almost monthly since the beginning of the year.  The Installation and Cajun Cookout are scheduled before the year is complete

Sponsorship - J Marshall - Since the beginning of the year, a total of  $36,240 in sponsorship funds have been distributed to a wide variety  of organizations and causes.

Incentives - Doucette - Service to Mankind and Sertoman of the Year  have been honored, Entries have been prepared for awards due before the convention.

Programs – Rick Campbell - Thirty four excellent programs have been obtained this year, and more are on tap.

Bingo – Pat McKim - The first quarter of the calendar year has been very  profitable with a netnet of $12,500, better than the quarterly earnings last year. 

Publicity - Don Smith - The weekly bulletin continues to be posted to the club web site.  We need to support the site with advertising.

Arapahoe Foundation – Dave Miley - A balance sheet dated
2/28/05 shows a restricted balance of $166,854.04 and an unrestricted balance of  $2703.94.

Secretary - Duncan - It was reported that Secretary Duncan is able to move about a bit with the help of a walker.  We wish him continued improvement.  The current ( 4/1/05 ) membership is 68. Bulletins have  been published for each meeting by the writing staff: Duncan , Magee,  Miley and Worth  

Committee Chairs for Membership, Sgt-at-Arms, Growth and Ways & Means were not in attendance at the meeting.



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