THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....April 14, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Dave Miley

Song - ?                 Pledge-Dave Miley                     Invocation - Rev. Jim

An unusual three course meal started with a tasty pasta salad followed by ham and pineapple. Dessert consisted of the always delicious cookies. George Hannes wrapped up he Raffle ticket sales campaign and gave a report. All tickets are sold and door prizes are coming in on schedule. Some great items will be available for the Silent Auction. George has done an outstanding job organizing the Raffle this year. Let’s hear it for George. Ed Bezjak gave a Bingo report. 205 players were present for the $15,000 jack pot. It was won after 43 calls by two ladies who had agreed that if either one won they would split the prize. We deposited $9, 700 plus $2,270 progress We. The A team is up next. Bob Buckland announced hat the Club Induction Dinner will be held on June 24, at the Red Rocks Country Club. John Vierthaler gave out passes for a boxing smoker sponsored by Step 13. Announcements and promotion for the Regional Convention were made. Various insults and disparaging remarks were exchanged resulting in a general mood of club normalcy.

Handshake Prize: George Hannes       Pot of Gold:  Will Martinez 

Sertoman of the Day
 Dick Enslow was born January 23, 1943, in Aurora, Illinois. Dick received his undergraduate degree in Decatur Il. He worked for Allyschalmers Fork Lift before coming to Colorado in 1973. Dick worked for Materials handling. He is now working in the Mortgage Finance business. Dick is married to Carol. They have two daughters, Kedra and Sophie, and a son Brad. Dick enjoys golf, hunting and fishing. Dick has organized our annual golf tournament for several years. Dick is a bionic man, full of lead and titanium from gunshot wounds and Knee replacements. He is a past president of our illustrious club. Dick was brought into the club by Bill Parchen. Ed Bezjak won the five dollars.



Mabe Downey brought us Dr. Bill Bergman. Dr. Bill is from New York. He is a graduate of Columbia Medical school. Dr. Bill is the author of “How to Get Well and Stay Healthy.” He worked at Denver General Hospital where he became interested, in “Holistic Medicine.” Dr. Bill told us about how to reduce health risk and prevention of disease. He emphasized the increase in the wellness profession. Br. Bill pointed out that the three causes of disease are, genetics, food, and environmental toxicity. He also noted the frivolity in our meeting and said that this type of activity is necessary for stress relief. Thanks to Mabe and Dr. Bill for a great program.



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It seems there was this couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who decided to go to Florida for a few days to thaw out during one particularly cold winter. Since both spouses worked, they had difficulty coordinating their schedules, so the decision was made to have the husband leave for Florida on a certain day, with the wife following him one day later. The man made it down to Florida and arrived at his hotel Upon getting to his room, he decided to open his laptop and send his wife, back in Minneapolis, and email However, he left off one letter in typing his wife's email address and sent the email off without realizing his error. In another part of the country, a widow had just returned from the funeral of her husband, a Baptist pastor of many years, who had been called to glory just I few days earlier. She decided to check her email because she was expecting to hear from her husband’s relatives and Mends. Upon reading the first email, she let out a loud scream, fainted and fell to the floor. The woman's son sashes into the room and found his mother on the floor. He glanced up at the computer screen and saw the following email message: To My Loving Wife: I’ve just checked in. Everything has been prepared for your arrival here tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you them. 

P.S. Sure is hot down here..

Chapter Titles from “How
To Play SERTOMA Golf”
1. How to hit a Dunlop from the rough when you hit a Tilest from the tee.
2. How to get more distance off the shank.
3. How to avoid the water when you lies in the bunker.
4. Crying a how to handle it.
5. Using your shadow on the greens to maximize earnings.
6. How to find the ball that everyone else saw go into the water.