THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....August 18, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Fred Downs

Song - Dave Penland          Pledge - All in Unison         Invocation - Rev. Jim


You missed a great lasagna lunch from Las Brisas if you missed coming to Sertoma today. We had one guest – Dave Penlund’s son, Nicolas. This introduction later led to a fine from Harder to Penlund for subjecting his son to this group but also for having a seventh grade son who is taller than Harder! (how tough is that?) Stein raffled off his tickets for Saturday’s Bronco exhibition game with proceeds going to the Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation. Jacobus won and then offered to sell them. Call Rick if interested. Gus Szala announced a social at Arapahoe Park to watch the ponies and loose a few bucks on 8-28-05. A signup sheet was passed around with no takers, so I guess that is not going to happen. Pat McKim announced that the “C” team had less than a stellar night and that the move to the new location for Littleton Bingo has been delayed until at least 9-1-05. Parchen mentioned some confusion on the Meals on Wheels golf tournament which is scheduled for Littleton Golf Club (the old Centennial) on this Sunday. The club has paid for a foursome, but nobody who signed up is able to attend. It you wish to play, contact Jack Marshall. Jim Rees announced that he could still use more help at the lemonade stand for Western Welcome Week. We have a better location this year. Show up if you can. Mike Ballew said that the Fall District Conference is scheduled for 9-10-05. Mark your calendars for this event. POG was won by Dick Laskey.

Sertoman of the Day

Today’s SOD was Don Marshall who is somehow related to our Prez. Don was born in Englewood in 1929 and Englewood schools were responsible for his education until he enlisted in the Army Air Core to serve in WWII. He also served in the Korean and Viet Nam wars. He attended DU on the GI bill and studied architecture. During his career he has designed over 60 churches and is now doing some international design work on residences in Thailand. Don had some great stories about being in and out of Sertoma and even being in the same office building with a few of the members. Howie Kelsall left the meeting $5.00 richer and Selby and Nelson got in on the action also.


Norm Selby introduced Vanessa O’Grady, who along with two other ladies and three dogs, presented a program on Canine Companions for Independence. The organization is a non-profit that trains dogs to enhance the lives of people with disabilities (other than blindness). The ladies in attendance were all volunteer puppy raisers. They will have the puppies for 14 to 16 months during which time they will train the dogs to respond to 10 different commands. After that the dogs get advanced training for an additional 6-9 months at which time the dogs are given to the disabled person to live with them. These three ladies are among 875 puppy raisers and over 3,000 volunteers nationwide. CCI was founded in Santa Rosa, CA in 1975 and now has satellite offices in Colorado Springs and Chicago. CCI trains four types of canine companions: service dogs,skilled companion dogs, hearing dogs, and facility dogs. They use Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and crosses of these two breeds. There is no cost to the recipient of a dog and CCI is funded through private contributions and grants from corporations and individuals. Good program, Norm. Thanks to the presenters for informing us about Canine Companions for Independence. 


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Calendar at a Glance

Aug 24  Western Welcome Week
Aug 26  Happy Birthday Carl Duncan
Aug 30   Happy Birthday Randy Smith
Sept. 6 Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic 
The Meadows 6937 S. Simms 
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