THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....August 4, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song - Selby          Pledge - Penland         Invocation - Rev. Robinson


Las Brisas presented a spicy chicken pasta, tossed salad, bread and a concentrated brownie. Attendance was light today, so there was plenty for second helpings. Rarely seen RANDY SMITH was called a guest by TOM FRY at table 1, which of course was enough to fine everybody at table 1.BOB STEIN announced that bingo deposited $5,502 and added $611 to the progressive jackpot, which is now over 6K. All bingo teams need to 
be aware of A NEW LOCATION perhaps on September 1. A new and updated facility is in progress at South Glenn mall - So University and Arapahoe Road. Be aware and be there. BILL PARCHEN (as only he can) rendered an elaborate report on the recent Cajun cook out which covered all the prize winners (cheaters) of the various contests and the story of the disappearing beer. RICK JACOBUS was the recipient of this dramatic presentation. President JACK MARSHALL announced the regular monthly board meeting is postponed 
until August 16th.

Sertoman of the Day

Today’s SOD was JIM REES. Jim was born in Illinois in 1933. He attended Bloomington High School and the University of Illinois. His Air force ROTC culminated in his being a pilot of a radar plane for the ADC . He became a sales manger of office equipment, first for Underwood and later for Xerox. When Xerox tried to 
send him to Houston in 1969, Jim elected to stay in Denver and became a real estate agent dealing primarily in industrial commercial projects. BOB STEIN brought him into the club this year. BILL STOREY won the flying 


MABE DOWNEY introduced Stacy Renouf, who is the community affairs specialist for the Denver Water Board. Water law dictates that water rights belong to "first in time". Base on this concept, Denver has a lot of water rights but it is a use it or lose it proposition.

The Highline Canal, built in 1879, is one of the original conduits of Denver water. It is 69 miles long and still serves some customers. Due to seepage, and labor intensive maintenance, the canal is no longer a viable 
delivery system and it will be turned over to the various districts through which it runs in 2011.
The Denver Water Board was created in 1918. Although its members are appointed by the Mayor, it is a wholly antonymous entity. Its expenses are covered by fees charged for water use. The recent drought caused a great voluntary decrease in the use of water which diminished the revenue raised by water sales. This has caused a 240 million dollar deficit which will have to be made up by increased rates.
Operating the water board is very complex because everything they do affects fishing. fish spawning, rafting, and even the snow making machines for the ski industry. Future growth in demand will require innovative use of recycled water for uses other than drinking.
FRED DOWNS won the pot of Gold - which is appropriate because he will be the editor of next week's review.


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Calendar at a Glance

Aug 11  Happy Birthday James Helmick
Aug 15  Happy Birthday Dick Laskey 
Aug 16  Happy Birthday John Vierthaler
Aug 19  Happy Birthday Steve Bolyard
Aug 24  Western Welcome Week
Aug 26  Happy Birthday Carl Duncan
Aug 30    Happy Birthday Randy Smith

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