by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....December 29, 2005
This weeks Reporter-Don

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Since there was no "reporter" taking notes this week, I will give a brief account of what happened. I don't remember who got what so thats that.

BOB STEIN returned to our lunch for the first time since his medical problems while vacationing in Mexico. He is looking great but still has some more procedures to go through before being back to normal (in other words, so he can return to golfing).

SOD: Bob Buckland gave a rundown on his life.

Bingo report: Team "B" had over 100 players with a deposit of over $6000.  Hopefully, Bingo is picking up now that the holiday season is over and people are finding the new location.

This week, Jim Perkins had the honor of presenting the Arapahoe Sertoman's of the year: Bob and Jan Burnside lost their daughter to suicide. There were no warning signs and came as a shock to Bob and Jan. They are Co-directors of SPIN ( Suicide Prevention Intervention Network). One of the things they do is train people on the warning signs of suicide: Bob and Jan can be contacted at:

         The warning signs are:
    1. Giving away favorite possessions.
    2. A change in behavior.
    3. Previous suicide attempts and statements revealing a desire to die.
    4. Depression (crying, insomnia, inability to think or function).
    5. Purchase of a gun or pills.
    6. Alcohol or drug abuse.
    7. Sudden happiness after a long depression.
    8. Obsession about death and talk about suicide.
    9. Decline in performance of work, school or other activities.

IF IN CRISIS CALL 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 911

POG. and tip collected went to our food server.

           On the calendar.....
    Jan 5    - Regular Meeting - SOD Steve Bolyard
    Jan 12  - Regular Meeting - SOD Rick Campbell
    Jan 19  - Regular Meeting - SOD Glenn Combellik
    Jan 26  - Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Dowdey


Jan 4  - Team C
Jan 11 - Team D
Jan 18 - Team E
Jan 25 - Team A

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