by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....December 8, 2005
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Miley(soprano rendition)     Penland     Rev Jim

PROPOSED MEMBER: Pursuant to Section 3, Article IV (membership) of the club's constitution, notification is herewith given that BILL FOERSTER has applied for membership. Any member having an objection to his admission must submit said objection in writing to a club officer before the Board meeting in January 2006.

GUESTS: NORM SCHILLO introduced his wife Anne, who thanked the club for our support of their fund raising efforts by buying their poinsettias. Bezjak used this occasion to fine Norm for subjecting his wife to such a rowdy group. In order to prove the point, RICK JACOBUS (our resident music critic) fined MILEY for starting the song in a soprano's range. When it was hinted (but not verified) this was due to him getting goosed, BILL PARCHEN paid the fine in order to retain the privilege to goose him at the next meeting. At this rate we will all have to learn to sing in falsetto.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: According to DAVE PENLAND, Growth team C is still ahead on points. PENLAND also reminded us that between 10 AM and 2 PM on January 5, 2006, the blood donation drive for Childrens' Hospital will take place. Come early and be prepared to donate. NICK MORRONE sent the sign up sheet around for the Xmas party at Las Brisas on Saturday the 17th. THERE WILL BE NO MEETING on Thursday the 15th, and the Board will meet at 6PM on Tuesday the 13th.

BOB STEIN is scheduled for surgery on Monday the 12th. We wish him a speedy recovery and a return home by Christmas. JIM REES set April 27, 2006 as the date for the annual raffle. It is not too early to start selling chances.

OTHER ACTIVITY: PAT McKIM was awarded a cup for the HANDSHAKE prize due to his modern spiked hairdo. DAVE MILEY, our follicley deprived handshake prize chairman, presented the award . We trust that this does not portend some sort of "hair obsession" for Dave. $180 worth of Bronco tickets for the Baltimore game were up for auction. Moneyman BOB BUCKLAND made the final and winning offer of $110. We now know that the game was not all that great but the Broncos won, so that made this expenditure worth while.

SOD: Today no SOD appeared, so Program chairman DOUG HARDER introduced Jill Boice who is in charge of the Hearing Project. The focus of the project is to cover the cost of hearing aids for kids. She thanked us for our past support and once bingo get off dead center we will be able to provide future support.

PROGRAM: DOUG HARDER introduced Peggy Rudden who is the Executive Director of Advocates for Children. This is the local chapter of the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association or CASA. Rudden's organization serves the 18th Judicial District which includes Arapahoe, Douglas, Lincoln and Elbert counties. The purpose of CASA is to recruit and train community volunteers to step into the court room on behalf of subject children, to insure that the court is receiving all of the necessary information relative to the welfare of the child.

Ms Rudden introduced Paige Stapp who has the job of recruiting community volunteers to become court appointed advocates for children. To obtain such an appointment, one must be 21 years of age, pass criminal screening, and attend a 30 hour tainting session. CASA volunteers are sworn-in by a judge and become officers of the court. Once appointed, the volunteer will spend about ten hours per month as a child advocate.

Ms Rudden related personal stories concerning a special fund called "Kids Wants Money". This is a special fund specifically used to buy an item that a Kid Wants. Advocates for Children get their cases by court referral from families that are plagued with abuse, neglect, alcohol and drugs. No current statistics were provided, but in 2000 an estimated 879,000 kids were victims out of 3 million referrals for suspected maltreatment. Obviously the problem is enormous.

   Pat McKim

? POG.

           On the calendar.....
    Dec 15 - No Meeting
    Dec 17 - Christmas Party - Las Brisas
    Dec 22 - Kids Party - SOD Santa Claus
                   Happy Birthday Joe Dowdey
    Dec 24 - Happy Birthday Mike Magee
    Dec 25 - Merry Christmas
    Dec 29 - Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Buckland
    Dec 30 - Happy Birthday Jason Hand
    Jan 5    - Regular Meeting - SOD Steve Bolyard
    Jan 12  - Regular Meeting - SOD Rick Campbell
    Jan 19  - Regular Meeting - SOD Glenn Combellik
    Jan 26  - Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Dowdey


Dec 14 - Team E
Dec 21 - Team A
Dec 28 - Team B
Jan 4  - Team C
Jan 11 - Team D
Jan 18 - Team E
Jan 25 - Team A

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