THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....February 10, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - Parchen Pledge -Elsey          Invocation - REv. Jim

Guests Dick LeVere and Bill Horton from Platte Canyon; Dan Grote, guest of Ballew, Bob Johnson (Lone Tree Charter Member), guest of Stein, plus our 3 in process members, Penland, Rees and Robinson.

Luncheon today was green casserole w/chicken plus salad and cookies. Good to have Dean Hiss back. A fine group of guests: Dick LeVere and Bill Horton from Platte Canyon; Dan Grote, guest of Ballew, Bob Johnson (Lone Tree Charter Member), guest of Stein, plus our 3 in process members, Penland, Rees and Robinson. Fines today were rampant: Dowdey for lack of leadership - he got three others (Mason, Duncan and Ballew) involved a round robin of finger pointing. All members of Table 1 - past, present and future - were involved in a fine, but I don’t remember seeing anyone pay. Ed Bezjak was trouble maker of the day; good to see him in rare form again. We were finally able to present the Sertoman of the Year plaque to Don Masias. Again, congratulation Don. The A team had a good night with 129 players. The progressive continues with more than $7000 in the pot. The meeting was anonymous today - NO BANNER WAS DISPLAYED. The Handshake prize went to Tim Pollak, and the Pot O Gold was accepted by Bob Hogge.


Sertoman of the Day

Bruce Elsey - local cat doctor- born in Garden City Kansas in 1951. Nattily attired in K State Purple with matching napkin, Bruce gave us a first hand dissertation on western migration, covering 4 generations and 3 states. Bruce’s great grandfather was a farmer/preacher in Minnesota’ His grandfather chose not to farm - took up lumber jacking, then wheat thrashing, crossing over the line into Kansas, He tried making a profit selling Willard batteries and Chryslers, lost everything, but recouped to take up the Studebaker and Rambler lines. Bruce's father was in variations of the ‘soft drink’ game a couple of times, was a county treasurer and served in the Navy. Bruce noted his mother made him take the 2nd grade twice, but that seems to have straightened him out. Well, that and marrying Kathleen. They have twin boys, now 22. Bruce is a DVM and runs the All Cat Clinic on Broadway as well as keeping his fingers in the Cat Litter business (yuk). His appearances on local TV and his noon appointments keep our fine pot going. Thanks Bruce. $5 to Don Masias.


Today’s Program was presented by Mark Sattelberg, who has been with the Fish and Wildlife Service for 12 years. He gave us an excellent overview of the progress being made on the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. Mark provide an interesting history of the area from it’s start as a facility to manufacture bomb triggers in 1951 to the creation of the Refuge in 2001, Some property will remain with the DOE, but the majority of the roughly 5,000 acres will be accessible as trails for exploration and as habitat for wildlife. Mark’s photos gave an excellent picture of the area, an area that few of us have an really knowledge of or feel for. Hopefully before long we will all have an opportunity to view and explore this area, this land that has such a checkered past. Thanks to Mark for staying later than usual when we cut his time short.

On the calendar.....

Feb 14 -Valentines Day
Feb 14  Intl President Dinner

Feb 15 - Freedom Week Luncheon
Feb 16 - Lone Tree BANC
Feb 17 - No Meeting
Feb 17 - Black Hawk Trip
Feb 21 President's day
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Forget not your Valentine

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Coming This Week . . .

. . . a chance to become wealthy. The outing to Central City’s Fortune

Valley starts at 5:30 pm from the Phar Mor (now Hobby Lobby) Parking Lot in

Englewood. No Charge. Buy $20 in coin, get $25 and a $5 food coupon. Bus returns

at 10:30 pm. A few openings remain - call Bill Parchen


Our BANC (Club Building) effort continues at 7 am every Wednesday morning.  The target area is Lone Tree/Highlands Ranch/Park Meadows/Parker and environs.  The breakfast meetings are held at Mimi’s Restaurant. 9155 Park Meadows Drive (just south of C470 at Yosemite exit). Your help is vital. This is a club effort and we need prospects. Several Arapahoe members have brought  relatives, neighbors, friends and clients, and we thank them. But, we need more prospects. You would enjoy attending and becoming part of our club building team. Meetings last about an hour. Come meet the charter members. This week’s meeting (Feb 16) is special as we plan on having our International President, Sky Martin, join us. Because there is no Arapahoe meeting Thursday, how about bringing a prospect to the Wednesday Breakfast? We are at a crucial point in our effort, so please help.


You Determine Raffle Success

To be a success, our 22nd Annual Charity Raffle needs the cooperation of every club member. If you don’t know the basics, it goes like this: We sell only 200 tickets (at $125 each) for a reverse raffle (last ticket out wins). Prize money is $8000. Each ticket includes two dinners during a fun evening at Pinehurst Country Club. For this to work, every ticket must be sold (it’s not as tough as you might imagine - just ask Nick Morrone). We also need donated door prizes, which are distributed throughout the evening. You can solicit them or donate then yourself. Your advertising in the program also adds to the profit (or at least reduces the expense). Along with the raffle, we will have a silent auction for the benefit of the ALS Foundation (Lou Gehrig's -**01-ease). The date is April 23, the place is Pinehurst, the time is 5:30 pm on, the contact for information is George Hannes. Your help is very important.

Convention Approaching

April 21, 22 & 23 are the dates for the Mountain West Regional be held at the Hotel DTC (formerly Hilton South), it won’t get any closer or more convenient. Attending a Regional Convention is a fun, educational and enlightening experience. Recent changes now allow us many delegates so you can participate in the voting. The club will pay your registration- sign up to go. It is definitely worth your time. Meals are included.