THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....February 3, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - Doug Harder Pledge -Tom Fry          Invocation - Jacobus

 The chow line led to baked chicken, fried spuds, salad and cookies today.  Member in process Jim Rees was our only guest. There was only one fine today but it was so amended and addendum that it took the place of several. Of course it centered on Table One, who appeared to have adopted Rick Campbell for the day. An amendment directed at Bill Benton actually failed (most unusual).  Arapahoe Foundation Director Miley announced our Foundation is again working with black ink.  Team E had to announced we at best broke even Wednesday eve, but the Progressive is still available.  Encourage friends and neighbors to come next week.  Several members are in various stages of mending and we wish Dick Enslow, Dean Hiss and Howie Kelsall speedy recoveries.  We have a table available at Porter Hospital ĎSoup for the Soul affair on the 22nd of February - room for 3 couple left. Interested? Sign up next week! Oh, Oh, found another fine. Seems Phil Grimmís phone played a tune during lunch.  Handshake prize went to Norm Selby.  Pot O Gold went to Pat McKim.

Sertoman of the Day

Tommy Tooth Fry shared more about his birthplace - Miles City Montana - than most of us probably needed to know.  Even though I listened intently, not much comes to mind at the moment except something about doves in the park. A product of the sturdy Custer County High School , Tommy moved on to Carleton College , then to Columbia Dental School followed by two years in the Army defending the Great Northwest where not a single dental stool was destroyed.  Kay agreed to marry Tom in in Ď58, an event followed over the years by 3 kids and 2 grandkids.  Tommy says he practiced dentistry on Federal Ďtil the flood, then at the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe beginning in 1970.  Though he practiced, he apparently didnít get the hang of it and retired in Ď96. He is approaching his 40th anniversary in Arapahoe, and the club has benefited immensely.  Tommy told again of his encounter with a train on the western slope.  Tommy won and the train has never been the same since.  Winner of Tommyís fiver was Gus Szala.


Technically todayís program was a no show.  But, Program Chair of the Day John Vierthaler insisted on filling the breach and sharing some of his extensive legal knowledge with us.  
John selected the topic: Wills.  He told us that wills are not really necessary because the state has already protected us by creating a plan for distribution.  I love these government protection plans, donít you?.  John told us the trickle down system goes: spouse, kids, parents, siblings, nephews and/or nieces, aunts and/or uncles, state of
Colorado . President Dowdey was authorized to present a coveted Arapahoe Speakerís Pen to John for a job well done!  

On the calendar.....

Feb 8 - Board Meeting - Elks Club 6pm
Feb 9 - Lone Tree BANC
Feb 10 -Regular Meeting
Feb 14 -Valentines Day
Feb 14  Intl President Dinner

Feb 15 - Freedom Week Luncheon
Feb 16 - Lone Tree BANC
Feb 17 - No Meeting
Feb 17 - Black Hawk Trip
Feb 21 President's day

Forget not your Valentine

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Feb. 9        A
Feb. 16      B
Feb. 23      C
Mar 2        D
Mar 9        E


 On Deck

2/10    Elsey    2/24    Grimm
3/3      Duncan
3/10    J Hand
3/17    Hannes
3/24    D Harder
3/31    Z Harder

February 15th is the date for the Combined Central Colorado Front Range District  Freedom Week Luncheon.  Sign up to attend so that we may honor our clubís four young winners.  Lunch begins at 11:30 , so donít be late. In addition to the kids, parents and teachers are invited, so be sure to share our tables with them rather than having just club members at the tables.  Sign up now - join us!


Our BANC ( Club Building ) effort continues at 7 am every Wednesday morning. The target area is  Lone Tree/Highlands Ranch/Park Meadows/Parker and environs.  The breakfast meetings are held at Mimiís Restaurant. 9155 Park Meadows Drive (just south of C470 at Yosemite exit). Your help is vital.  This is a club effort  and we need prospects.  Several Arapahoe members have brought relatives, neighbors, friends and clients, and we thank them.  But, we need more prospects.  You would enjoy attending so become part of our club building team.  Meetings last about an hour.  Come meet the charter members.


Raffle Success in Your Hands
Our annual raffle is an excellent Ways & Means project for raising funds for our community Sponsorships.  But its success all depends on you - at takes the effort of every member.  All tickets must be sold as early as possible, and  to maximize profit, we need to have as much information as early as we can.  For tickets, for seating arrangements, for additional information, contact George Hannes.  The date is April 23.  Winner (s) need not be present to win.  We also need advertiser/sponsors for the program. Success is in your hands.

April 21, 22 & 23 are the dates for the Mountain West Regional Convention.  To be held at the DTC Hotel (formerly Hilton South), it wonít get any closer or more convenient.  Attending a Regional Convention is a fun, educational and enlightening experience. Recent changes now allow us many delegates so you can participate in the voting.  The club will probably support your involvement so put the dates on your schedule.  It is worth your time.

By the Numbers
1. Number of ridges around a dime?
2. Number of muscles in a cat's ear?
3. Life span of a dragon fly?
4. Memory span of a gold fish?