THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 27, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song - Bill Stein? Pledge -Dave Penland          Invocation - Pastor Robinson

Today Las Brisas provided all of the ingredients for a "do it yourself" beef and/or chicken taco/burrito. The varieties of mixtures that the club members created was astounding. The varieties of cookies for dessert was also astounding. 
Guests:   Bob Buckland introduced his wife Betty and announced the arrival of a new grandchild. While Buckland had the floor, he reminded the club of the Black Hawk social on Feb 17th and the Country Dinner Playhouse affair on Feb 3rd. Tim Pollak immediately fined Buckland for making announcements before all of the guests were introduced. This gave Bob Stein a chance to introduce Jim Rees and opened the door for Doug Harder to fine the President for losing control of the meeting. Harder proceeded to introduce his guests, Dave Penland and Pastor Robinson. Whereupon Don Smith fined Harder for fining the President before introducing his guests. All fines were overwhelmingly approved. Announcements:
Sign-up sheets were sent around for the following events: Freedom Week Luncheon Feb 15; Sky Martin, the International President, dinner on Feb 14; Porter Hospital hospice Soup for the Soul Feb 22; the Regional Convention on April 21,22, and 23. Dick Enslow reported that bingo is on the upgrade. This week's deposit exceeded $6,000 and the progressive pot is also in excess of $6000. Dick Laskey has signed up four new members in the Lonetree breakfast club. They meet every Wednesday at 7:00 AM at Mi Mi's on Yosemite south of C-470. All of us need to get behind this new club in order for it to succeed.

 Both Howie Kelsall and Dean Hiss are on the mend after heart surgery. All of the club extend their wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you both at the weekly luncheons again

Sertoman of the Day

The great depression of 1929 took place shortly after Fed Downs was born in Rochelle LA . Fred bounced around between Rochelle LA, Tyler TX and Magnolia AK where he graduated from high school. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1951. He joined the Navy, attended OCS, earned a commission and became a civilian again in 1956. Fred worked for Gulf Oil and Sun Oil. He was involved in the exploration for hydrocarbons in the book cliffs area near Grand Junction. He joined the Sertoma club in 1979 and was the principal editor of this bulletin for many years.


Program Chairman (extraordinaire) Mabe Downey introduced Joe Sabah, founding President of the Colorado Speakers Association. Sabah is recovering from a recent stroke and he described that experience. He distributed a list of symptoms to help others recognize the onset of a stroke. Public speaking is Sabah's passion and his appearance before us today served as therapy toward his recovery. Sabah has spoken before many service clubs. He is aware of the good works performed by these clubs and urged us to recruit new members in order to continue doing what we do. Sabah reviewed 10 keys to to become a better speaker, and gave us a written outline of these procedures. His parting comment was "you don't have to be good to start (speaking). You have to start in order to be good." 

On the calendar.....

Feb 3 - Country Dinner Playhouse Social

Feb 14 - Intl President Dinner

Feb 15 - Freedom Week Luncheon

Feb 17 - No Meeting

Feb 17 - Black Hawk Trip

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