THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 14, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song - Pollak          Pledge - Szala          Invocation - Harder


Verde or Roja (green or red) were the choices of a chicken stew offered by las Brisas.  Chips, black beans and rice topped off the menu. 

STEVE BOLYARD introduced his brother-in-law, Charles Graves, visiting from Missouri. BILL WORTH introduced his wife Carol and DICK MASON promptly fined him for sleeping with a guest. The smile on Bill's face indicated that he would gladly pay 25 cents for the privilege. However, Carol was not there to confirm her liason with Bill. She came to promote a softball tournament , the proceeds from which go to the Easter Seal charity. Softball players, young and old, are encouraged to dust off the glove and once again trot onto the field of play. It is for a good cause. Get the details from Carol.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bingo C team under the guidance of DICK ENSLOW, deposited $4,546 and raised the progressive purse to $4,286. JOE DOWDEY, who called the game, fined NORM SCHILLO for causing a young lady, who was endowed with notable assets, to put on a sweater and thus deny Joe the pleasure of observing them. But then they all got to go home earlier because Joe, no longer distracted, started to call the numbers more quickly.

Handshake prize -- none Pot of Gold --- JIM HELMICK

Sertoman of the Day

SOD: GUS SZALA was born in Hammond Indiana in 1930 . The building in which Gus went to school was built in 1848. They waited until Gus graduated before they replace it with a modern building. Since this part of Indiana is part of the rust belt, there are not a lot of students there now anyway. Gus attended OCS during the Korean war and became a 2cnd Lt. He attended Purdue University, moved to California, and worked in the aerospace industry at Lockheed. He was especially intrigued by the very secret U-2 spy plane. Lockheed also built and launched Pioneer 10, which at last count was 7+ billion miles away from earth in search of extra terrestrials. Gus joined the club in 1995 and has served in several capacities such as Secretary, Social chairman, etc. MABE DOWNEY won the flying five.


PROGRAM: Club member Sgt KIRK HON of the Denver Police Department presented today's program. He noted that the world wide explosion in the use of the internet has been accompanied by a plethora of abuse. Certain forms of criminal action have their own descriptive name such as "fishing" and "farming". Triangulation schemes allow the crook to get between a legitimate buy and seller and leave no trace when they take off with the money.
The main thrust of Hon's remarks concerned unauthorized use of other people's internet connection. War-driving or war-walking are terms applied to wireless users who move thru areas seeking unprotected and unauthorized access to the internet using other people's connection. Since this activity has a lot of adherents, they have adopted the old hobo sign language and put marks on buildings that indicate one can get access there. These marks are called war-chalking symbols. To protect yourself from this activity you should make sure that your system is properly installed and has fire walls and virus protection. 

Handshake prize -- none Pot of Gold --- JIM HELMICK


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