THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 21, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Mike Magee

Song - Stein          Pledge - Hess        Invocation - Miley


Another good lunch from las Brisas got things going today. The prez, Jack Marshall, opened the meeting asking for guests and there actually were some. Dick Enslow introduced Lou Royston who actually knew today’s SOD, John Vierthaler. In spite of that, we let him stay for lunch and hope to see him again. Steve Bolyard introduced Bruce who was visiting from Florida, and Doug Harder introduced two of his grandchildren, Ryan and Madelyn who probably thought they were headed to Chuckie Cheese with grampa. Fooled them! Norm Schillo tried to trade a bingo night(not sure if he got any takers). Parchen announced that the Cajun Cookout will be held on July 31st between 11 & 4. New games this year and great food. Tim Pollak is looking for someone to hold the other end of our club banner on July 30th in the Buffalo Bill Parade. Please contact Tim if you can assist. Dave Miley had all of the July birthday boys stand up and after a rather loud and off key rendition of the happy birthday song, Dean Hiss was awarded a Metro Broker golf shirt as the hand shake prize. I happened to notice that it was an XL, so it should make a very stylish nightshirt for Mr. Hiss. Prez Jack got fined $.75 for three weeks of wearing a suit (some people don’t appreciate a little class, do they Jack?). Miley got fined a buck for advertising (Deans shirt, remember?)

Sertoman of the Day

SOD: Today’s SOD was John Vierthaler. He was born in 1941 in Pittsburgh,PA. He was in Air Force ROTC after which he was on active duty defending our country. Then he attended Pit Law School and ended up working with Brenda’s father at a law firm. He and Brenda were married in 1963. In 1980, John moved to Colorado with Brenda, his three daughters and  three horses and jot a job working with Bill Malone. Brenda passed away in 1991. John has two grandchildren and one on the way. He has been an attourney for 37 years and specializes in business law, wills, and real estate. His hobbies are horses, bicycling, and farming. Someone got his fiver, but I forgot to write it down.Ooops!


PROGRAM:Mabe Downey introduced today’s speaker, Tom Keller. Tom is a self professed WWII expert and shared many great facts regarding the Japanese surrender which occurred on September 2, 1945. He explained that this was only one of the Japanese surrenders, and that the event was really more involved than it may have appeared. He praised General MacArthur for the way the whole thing was orchestrated and thought that he was the only one who could have pulled it off. During WWII Japan built 9 aircraft carriers, while the USA built 90. The reason for this was that Japan did not have the natural resources. We bombed 66 cities in Japan including the A bomb drop on Nagasaki. Tom is an excellent speaker and really knows his statistics when it comes to WWII. Thanks for coming back Tom, and thanks to Mabe for inviting Tom back. Tom drew out Nick Morrone’s name for the POG. 


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