THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 28, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Mike Magee

Song - Selby          Pledge - Penland         Invocation - Rev. Robinson


Great hard and soft tacos from las Brisas got things going today (actually it may be the beans that really get things going!). We had two guests today. Phil Grimm introduced Jim Hewett with Platte Canyon Sertoma Club who was here to pitch their golf tournament at Arrowhead on September 9th. Always a great event, it includes lunch and dinner in addition to playing a beautiful course and benefiting The Marion Downs Hearing Center. The club will partially sponsor a foursome or sign up individually. Dick Mason introduced his CPA partner, Ray Russell, who many of us know. Bezjak reported that the E team had 127 people and deposited over $5,200. While he had the floor, Beez also fined table one (amended to include Downey and Benton) for allowing a guest (Jim Hewitt) to join them. Enslow announced the Fall Golf Classic which will be held on September 6th. Sign up sheet to follow next week. Parchen again announced the Cajun Cookout which will be held this Saturday, July 30th.Schillo was still looking for a sub for bingo. Benton may have volunteered. Pollak still needs someone to hold the other end of our banner this Saturday morning in the Buffalo Bill Parade. It was suggested that Parchen may have a place for the banner…………..guess you had to be there. Jim Rees announced that he will have a sign up sheet next meeting for the lemonade stand at Western Welcome Week, which occurs August 20th. Jack, as in Prez, announced a golf tournament benefiting Meals on Wheels will be held on August 21st. The club will partially sponsor a foursome. Let Jack know if you are interested.

Sertoman of the Day

SOD: Today’s SOD was Howie Kelsall who I believe is the only remaining charter member of Arapahoe Sertoma Club. He is an actual Colorado native, having been born in Boulder. He attended CU and started as a music major. He decided that Med school made more sense, and entered in 1942. He had enough money for one semester, but then worked out a deal with the US Army. They paid for him to finish school and he then served in the Army for two years in Vienna and Germany. He met Helen, his wife, during an autopsy (and you thought your story was unusual!). They had four children who all did fairly well. His daughter is a PHD, one son is president of E College, and the other two sons are MD’s. Howie was a local pediatrician for 48 years. He is really one of our great members. Thanks for sharing, Howie. Tommy Fry made off with the big bucks.


PROGRAM:Mabe Downey introduced today’s speaker, Mabe Downey introduced today’s speaker, Bob Dudek. The title of Bob’s speech was, “ Life is Not About Limitations”. Being born without a right hand has not slowed Bob down. He took up golf 61/2 years ago with some golf clubs he bought at a garage sale. He now plays to a six handicap and in September will try to set the “Longest Drive with One Hand” record for the Guiness Book Of World Records. His average drive is 260 yards and occasionally is over 300 yards. Bob has been a surfer, a basketball player, and a Colorado body building award winner. He now owns a golf related company where he travels, speaks, and plays golf. You can find out more about his company at He stated that golf is a left handed game, the right hand is just along for the ride. He also mentioned that every time Tiger Woods wins a tournament, 5,000 new people take up golf! Great speaker, Mabe. Thanks for coming to our club, Bob. No handshake prize, POG to Bob Stein (now he will have a quarter to get his car washed). 


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