THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 7, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song - Dowdey         Pledge - Campbell          Invocation - Jim Robinson


New president JACK MARSHALL had an unusually quiet meeting to start his year. Las Brisas served chicken fried chicken and scalloped potatoes covered with a slightly spicy gravy. The usual tossed salad and unusual chocolate cake rounded out the fare. Someone at table one ( I think it was Parchen) could not figure out how to turn off a very active cell phone. That provided 50 cents to the fine spittoon.
LASKEY announce that team B was unable to make up for team A's poor showing last week. Heavy pickle payouts left only $3,300 to deposit. PARCHEN announce the Cajun Cookout will take place July 30, 2005. There will be a lot of contests and games as well as Gumbo. So plan now and sign up early. Pres Jack again challenged each of us to bring in a new member this year. A little effort in this area could bring big results.

Sertoman of the Day

The club was honored to have SAM ANDERSON as our SOD. Sam lives in Florida , which he likes in spite of the weather. Sam was a Gold Coat President in 1980/81 and was the International President in 1989/90. Sam is a native of Wyoming but attended Graceland College for 2 years before attending the University of Wyoming where he obtained a law degree. Sam has now retired from practicing law and has found a new calling as a teacher in a middle school reading program for at risk kids. I have seen Sam's name on the bulletin mailing list these past 2 years. It is nice to be able to connect a face to the name. JACK MARSHALL received the flying five from Sam. 


After exhaling some feathers from a "supposedly" undercooked piece of chicken, MABE DOWNEY introduced Larry Ralston. His son, Erin Ralston, gained international fame for amputating his own hand in order to escape from the Blue John Canyon, Utah, last April. A series of events, bordering on the miraculous, resulted in Erin's rescue. Erin had told no one where he was going, (not a good thing to do) so he was not even missed for 4 days. He determined to amputate his hand after more than 4 days by breaking the bones and using a very inadequate knife. His mother mobilized a search and rescue group sooner than otherwise would have happened, and the helicopter they were using decided to make one more pass before returning to base for fuel. If he had freed his arm any time sooner, all of the people employed in his rescue, would not have been in place, and he may not have reached safety.
Erin did not seek publicity, but after receiving so many communications from people who were touched and inspired by his experience, he wrote a book with the title "Between a Rock and a Hard Place".

Pot of Gold winner - WILL MARTINEZ hand shake prize - HOWIE KELSALL (welcome back Howie)


 SOD's On Deck



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