THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 2, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - See Below        Pledge - Dave Miley         Invocation - Rev. Jim


I believe that Norm Schillo was called on to start the song, but several simultaneous starts in the room created a noise canceling effect and as sgt-at-arms Dick Mason we neared the end all noise stopped. Not the worst song we have ever had, but close. Again we had Fiesta Fare. Two guests: Mike Cesario and Ken Hagemann. On the down side, we note the passing of Glenn Attendance Nick Morrone and Vernie's daughter-in-law Michelle, and  of Dick Lyman, charter member of this club. We offer our condolences. On the up side we note the arrival of D Harrier's newest grandson, who we hear is about the same length as Doug, and already has an accent. The B Team barely completed Bingo because of power surges, but still deposited $4500. And, we note that our faithful server, Connie, will no longer be the bringer of our meals. Thanks Connie for putting up with us. The report is that Howie Kelsall is home and recovering well. Hope to see you soon Howie. In a most confusing set of motions, Nick Morrone fed the fine pot, along with the prez. There was no Handshake Prize. Pot 0 Gold winner was Bob Stein (like he needs more quarters).

Sertoman of the Day

Today’s SOD was Barney O'Grady. He gave us what he claimed was the short version. Born in Denver in '53, Barney graduated  from Arapahoe High School . Moving on, he graduated from CSU in the Biological Sciences field, then selecting from sports training, the mortuary business and the Chiropractic field, chose the later. Barney was inducted in '81, Gold Coat President in `88-89. He has been married to Ann for 24 years. They are the proud parents of two daughters, ages 14 and 11. Barney is one of our super program getters. Barney said his service career ended before it began when the Marine Corp said he couldn't see as well as they wanted. Barney's fiver went to Pres-elect J. Marshall.

*J Vierthaler please note: Arapahoe is not only still standing, but is currently being enlarged. Barney admitted, however, that his elementary school, Dora Moore, is no longer in service.



Today's program was presented by Denver Post Sports Columnist Tho­mas George. Thomas has been with the Post for about six months. A native of Kentucky he has worked on several prominent newspapers across the country, including a 17 year stint at the New York Times. Even with promising careers ahead in the sports field, he chose the field of journalism. showing promise right from the beginning. Thomas noted that he and his family are `delighted' with Denver as their new home. Noting that he said he tries to `humanize' his writing, he produces col­umns in the Post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Thomas re­sponded to a wide variety of questions posed by our members. A fine program. Thanks to Barney O'Grady for securing Thomas for us, and thanks to Thomas for a most interesting and entertaining program.l



 SOD's On Deck



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In the way that you want to serve. Everyone needs to participate in the operation and work of the club. You can decide how you want to help. Incoming President Jack Marshall is now setting goals, forming plans and assigning members to committees. Let him know now where you want to put your efforts. Every committee needs help. The program committee needs people who will contact and commit interesting visuals to speak to us. The sponsorship committee needs ideas for and research on potential recipients off our sponsorship monies. The social committee needs people to follow-up with the plans for social events. How about helping with new ways to attract potential members as part of the membership committee. Publicity do you have contacts or new ideas to get the club better known in the community? Like to put your thoughts and ideas on paper? How about helping the Secretary by writing the bulletin every few weeks? Our club can have a major impact in this community if we each take a part of the load. So you can suggest what you would like to be part of. Contact our President-Elect right now and discuss how you want to help. 

Social Chair Bob Buckland says we have a good crowd signed up for the Installation Banquet. If you haven't said yes yet call him today.  Friday evening, June 24, at Red Rocks Golf Club at 6. Cost is $40 per couple for Arapahoe members.   Be There!

Party Hearty -   Mardi Gras Style

New Orleans in July? Let's face it, a visit to New Orleans any time can be a treat. The 85th Sertoma International Convention will be held at the Fair­mont Hotel Thursday July 21 st thru Saturday July 23rd. Why not combine a fun vacation with a Sertoma convention experience? If you want more info visit the Sertoma web site (, or check the last issue of The Sertoman. The club has a budget and may help with expenses! Go for it! The price goes up as of July 1 so act soon.

Did you know ... There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar

w        Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks; otherwise it would digest itself

w        There are more chickens in the world than people

w                 Parchen note: The win­ter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid

w        Facetious is one of only two words in the English language that has all five vowels

            . now, don't you feel smarter