THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 30, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - Don't Ask         Pledge - Downey?          Invocation - Jim Robinson


The last meeting of the current administration was gaveled to order, more or less, by the man with the smiling face, Joe Dowdey.  Today's fare was The Las Brisas Blue Plate Special.  We sang a not too out of tune Happy Birthday to server Wendy.  The group was impossibly noisy today, but unfortunately it didn't drown out Pollak's bad joke.  No guests - shame on us.  The A team took a bad hit this week, but the B Team said they would make it up next week.  Captains of the 3 top teams in the recent Arapahoe scramble, took the winnings for each team:  3rd Robinson, 2nd D Harder, and 1st Buckland.  Vierthaler was fined a whole buckaroo for practicing lawyering techniques (had to do with erect edifices) during the meeting. The prez started a new tradition by awarding the Gold Goat Award to Mike Ballew.  If you missed the Englewood Chamber Thanksgiving Luncheon and have no clue, ask Ballew.  Also presented today was the past president plaque, now complete.  Thanks Joe for a good year.  No Handshake.  Pot O Gold to Bob Buckland.

Sertoman of the Day

SOD today was one of our newer members Club Chaplain Jim Robinson.  Jim says he's a September '46 addition to the world, arriving in St. Louis .  He mentioned some team who is also connected with that town, but I can't recall the name.  Schooled mostly in that area, he started seminary  in '72, and became available for military service in '77.  He was stationed as follows: Texas , Germany , New Jersey , Arizona , Germany , Kentucky , Oklahoma , Germany   and finally  the Washington DC area?. Sounds like 'Have Pulpit, Will Travel'. Saint Vicki has traveled with him for 33 years; they have two sons and two young grandkids.  Thanks to D Harder for securing Jim for our club, and for sharing him with Lutheran Church in Englewood .  And thanks Jim for your service to our country and for your willingness to be of assistance to our club members.  Lord knows we need the help.  His fiver went to Joe Dowdey.


Today's Program was Mason Finks, CASE Project Director for the 18th Judicial District. CASE Partnership is a partnership of the DA's Office and Community Groups. Mason talked of Identity Theft and detection and prevention, and distributed a Handbook loaded with ideas and suggestions to minimize risks, and with ways to formulate precautions.  The Partnership conducts fraud prevention seminars.  Mason noted that Identity Theft is our fastest growing crime.  You are the one to protect your interests.  He suggested three things to look at.  1. You need to protect your information.  2. You need to review the contents of your billfold. 3. You need to lower your visibility by not carrying items that are not necessary to reveal.  You need to protect information connected to with your automobile (you do not need to keep the registration in the car - carry it on your person, not in the glove compartment).  Your spouse and other drivers can carry a copy.  Is your inside garage door lockable?   Thanks to Mason for a real wakeup type program.


 SOD's On Deck



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5-'06 Officers & Directors Installed

On a warm summer night in a beautiful foothills setting, District Governor Mike Ballew charged our 2005-06 Officers and Directors-elect with the responsibility of guiding the Arapahoe Sertoma club during the coming year. Fifty guests enjoyed a truly fine meal, and were treated to a glorious view, which was enhanced by wild animals (fox and deer) wandering by. Special thanks to the Governor Ballew, MC Bob Stein, Social Chair Bob Buckland, and to the crew at Red Rocks Country Club. Congrats to our new leadership team

   Tripping down Memory Lane ...
. . . a few bits and pieces from 40 years ago
July 12 '65 - Twelve Arapahoe jocks traveled to Greeley , where we built a club last year, to meet the challenge of their softball team.  Arapahoe won 22 to 8.

July 26 '65 - Bolyard, Combellick, Parchen, Worth and 11 others received Perfect Attendance pins for the 64-65 year.

Sep 6 '65 - In place of the Sep 9 meeting members will enjoy lunch on Wednesday at Centennial Race Track. The price will be $2.25, of which the club will pay the usual luncheon fee of $1.50.  Included is Parking, Admission, Program, Lunch and Reserved Seat.

Oct 18 '65 - E. Dean Hiss - first publication for membership

Oct 25 '05 - Ways & Means notes we have 3 X 5 US Flags with staff and bracket available at $4.20.  The price leaves a nice profit for Sponsorship.

Nov 1 '65 - All members are invited to the Charter Party of the club we have just  built, the Sunset Sertoma Club.  Saturday, November 13th, Wolhurst Club, Gold Room, Cocktails at 6:30 , dinner at 7:30 , dancing to follow, dress semi- formal, cost $12.00 per couple, corsages will be provided for the ladies.

Dec 27 '05 - The search is on for a 1966 recipient for the Service to Mankind award.  Our '65 winner, Ed Bemis, has been entered in district judging. 

Jan 17 '06 - Sam Anderson was a guest today.  He is a member of the Gem City club in Wyoming .  Come back again, Sam.

Feb 21 '06 - 'Operation Augment', a club membership drive, is announced by  Membership VP Bob Gallagher.

Mar 7 '06 - Thomas J Fry - first publication for membership

Mar 21 '06 - John W Pifer - first publication for membership

Jun 13 '06 - Samuel A Anderson - first publication for membership

Jokes from 65-66    Newsletters
It is easier to suffer in silence if you are sure someone is watching.

Only the rich can be eccentric - the poor have to be satisfied with being nuts.

A pessimist read his horoscope, which said “Make new friends and see what happens”.  He went out, made three new friends, and nothing happened.  Now he complains he's stuck with three new friends.

An extravagance is anything you buy that is of no earthly use to your wife.

The salesman whose pants wear out before his shoes is making too many contacts in the wrong place.

The best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.

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