THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 17, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - Mason                        Pledge- Vierthaler                       Invocation - Rev. Short

What else today? - Corned beef and cabbage with spuds, and interestingly, macaroni and cheese.  Dessert was cookies, but a few members ended up with a fruit cobbler. Hmmm! Tim Pollak, who as Program chair sat at the head table today, had a shirt green enough for all of us on this St. Patrick's day.  We were pleased to have the Diesings -  Pat is a past governor, Gordon is a former Arapahoe member.  Kirk Hon was able to join us today, and paid for the privilege.  Among the fines, Dick Enslow paid a fine for stupidity ( which he later verified), and Doc Fry paid for protecting his assets, or something like that. Bingo last night was pretty good.  The Progressive is still going, and now over $10,000.  We can plan on a big crowd as long as the Progressive is still alive, so if you are scheduled, BE THERE.  Pat McKim announced that we have received a check from International for Sponsorship use.  This money comes as a result of the Named Gift program in conjunction with the $25,000 gift to the Sertoma Foundation we made several years ago.  We hear that Secretary Carl Duncan has a serious back problem that will keep him out of action (flat on his back) for at least ten weeks.  Our best wishes Carl - do what they tell you and don’t chase any nurses. The Handshake prize went to John Vierthaler while the Pot O Gold went to the leprechaun in the very green shirt.


Sertoman of the Day

SOD- today was George Hannes, who is a native of Ohio . He relates to the Maumee River . He insists he left all his schools undamaged and they still stand, including I believe the University of Toledo and Emery University . George noted he went into the Air Force at 17, in the thick of WWII, and then told several ‘war stories’.  His business career began with selling papers on the street corner, followed later with a stint in carbon paper and printer ribbons (everyone remember those?). George retired after 32 years at Johns Manville.  After six years of ‘consulting’ he truly retired.  George and Jean have been married 58 years.  He says they met as a result of a blind date, but he wasn’t involved - did I get that right?  George brought us up to date, with great pride, on kids, grand kids and great grandkids.  George is head ramrod for the Raffle, and he needs your help. Sell, sell, sell.  Thanks George!  New member Jim Rees took George’s fiver.



Today’s program was  presented by Alan Fieger, MD, who’s field is Psychiatry. The topic: Stigma of Mental Illness.  Dr. Fieger several times referred to ‘people our age’.  Guess he was referring to the more mature citizens of the community.  He did note that ‘we determine our own mental health’.  He also noted that two keys for the positive are men who associate with male peers and men who do public service.  We can hope that gives us an edge.  In this world these days we sure need it.  Dr Fieger answered many excellent questions from club members.  This was an interesting program. Thank you Dr. Fieger.

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Calendar at a Glance

Raffle Tickets available...dire need for door prizes..see George


March 23

Happy Birthday John Pifer
Bingo Team B

March 24    

Regular Meeting-NTSB  National Transportation Safety Board

March 25    

Good Friday

March 27       


March 30    

Happy Birthday  to Dave Espinoza 

& Gus Szala

March 31

Regular Meeting - Jeremy Meyer-   
Denver Post reporter

April 7 

Annual Meeting/Election of Officers

April 7 

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April 8 

District Social "Forever Plaid"

April 14 

Regular Meeting

April 8 

District Social "Forever Plaid"

April 21 - 23

Regional Convention - Hotel DTC  

April - 23

Annual Charity Raffle

Nominating Committee Reports  

The Nominating Committee of the Arapahoe Sertoma Club proposes the following slate of Officers and Directors for the 2005-2006 year.

President: Jack Marshall
Vice Presidents: Rick Campbell, Bob Hogge, Norm Selby
Secretary: Carl Duncan
Treasurer:  TBD
Sgt-at-Arms: Dave Miley
Directors: Alec Doucette, Nick Morrone, Dave Penland, 
Jim Perkins, Bob Schlageter, Don Smith and TBD

Nominations may be made from the floor on March 24th or 31st  with the permission of the nominee

Raffle Success Depends on You!

Annual Meeting Scheduled

Still BANCing on SUCCESS

Our 22nd Annual Charity Raffle is coming closer and needs your help. The date is April 23, the place is Pinehurst, the time is 5:30 pm ,  This is an important ways & means effort.  We need to be sure that every ticket is sold,  Along with the raffle, a silent auction will benefit the ALS Foundation (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

The Annual Business Meeting of the Arapahoe Sertoma Club will be held Thursday April 7, 2005 .  The Election of Officers and Directors for the 2005-2006 Sertoma year will be held. Also  each current Officer and Director will present a report of the activity of his committee for the year to date.

Our BANC ( Club Building ) effort continues at 7 am every Wednesday morning. The target area is Highlands Ranch/Park Meadows/ Parker/Lone Tree.  The  meetings are held at Mimi’s Restaurant. 9155 Park Meadows Drive (just south of C470 at Yosemite exit). Your help is vital.  Call Dick Laskey for information.


The club has voted to support participation in the Mountain West Regional Convention, which will be held April 21, 22 & 23, by paying your registration. It will be held at the Hotel Denver Tech Center and promises to be a fun, educational and enlightening experience. It runs from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. If you sign up, you will be expected to attend most of the business sessions and training opportunities.  It is definitely worth your time. The Prez has info.

The most destructive habit - Worry

The greatest joy - Giving

The most beautiful attire – Smile

The most worthless emotion - Self-Pity

The greatest problem to overcome - Fear

The most power filled words - I Can