THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 3, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Bill Worth

Song - ?                        Pledge -?                       Invocation - Rev. Jim

Luncheon again today was south of the border, but came with an interesting dessert - a cross between chocolate pudding and mousse with a whipped dab atop.  Where were the bell and the microphone?  If there was any order today, it went unheard. The meeting was filled with mini conversations that made it almost impossible to follow the announcements. We did have 2 guests, but I couldn’t catch the names. Sounded as if Bingo, which drew a large crowd, did pretty well.  As the ‘Progress-ive’ grows (it’s about $10.000) every worker needs to be there on time with shiny, smiley faces.  Highlight of the meeting was the induction of Dave Penland and Rev Jim Robinson.  We used temporary membership certificates, which will be replaced, so we have to hear Harder complain again.  Congratulations Dave and Jim, and welcome. We must get more new members so Joe can practice the induction ceremony, which was - well - he just needs a lot more practice. (And, Doug needs reading lessons).  Handshake prize went to Bill Parchen (we need to borrow the Grand Jury to look into that one).  Pot O Gold went to Don Marshall.


Sertoman of the Day

SOD- today was our retired Pencil Salesman Ed Bezjak.  A Denver native, Ed grew in the area now separated by and partly covered by I-70, but his High School, Annunciation, still stands.  In a matter of good timing, he did not have to spend time with Uncle Sam.  Ed proudly announced he and Margie will be married 50 years come May.  We all agreed that qualifies Margie for sainthood. They are proud of their two daughters, one in Fort Collins, one in Maryland, both of whom work with the handicapped.  (Mom complains Julie doesn’t communicate as often or quickly as she could). Ed is an accomplished Softball player, who was held back by some of his teammates, but certainly good enough to be a Hall of Famer.  Ed is also mighty proud of his three grandkids.  Ed was a Gold Coat President at the beginning of the 80’s, and currently serves as one of our invaluable Bingo Team managers.  His fiver went to Laskey, who left the meeting soon after winning?  Thanks Ed.



Today’s Today’s Program was Win Deal, who is a Campaign Consultant.  He’s from North Carolina , has a degree from Duke and served a stint as a navigator in the Air Force.  He is known as the ‘Campaign Man’ and has run many of the same. He says, after determining goals, 3 important aspects are: Slogans (pervasive, persuasive and memorable); Yard Signs (for commitment and communication); and Shoe Leather (where the action is).  Most interesting.  Thanks Win for a winning presentation!  

 Next Bingo

 Team Up


Mar 9        E
Mar 16      A
Mar 23      B
Mar 30      C


 On Deck

3/10    J Hand
3/17    Hannes
3/24    D Harder
3/31    Z Harder

Calendar at a Glance

Raffle Tickets available...dire need for door prizes..see George


Monday, March 07            Happy Birthday John Hogge
                                                  President’s Roundtable/PAC
                                                  Board Meeting - Elk’s Club - 6pm
Wednesday, March 8          Spring Awards Dinner          
                                           Wyndham Hotel
Wednesday, March 9
           Bingo Team E
Thursday, March 10             Regular Meeting
Friday, March 11                  Littleton Sertoma 35th 
Tuesday, March 15
           Happy Birthday Barney O'Grady
Wednesday, March 16,       Bingo Team A
Thursday, March 17, 
           Regular Meeting
                                                  Saint Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 23, 
      Happy Birthday John Pifer
                                                  Bingo Team B

Thursday, March 24
         Regular Meeting
Friday, March 25                   Good Friday
Sunday, March 27                Easter

Wednesday March 30  
       Happy Birthday  to Dave Espinoza 
                                                  & Gus Szala

Thursday March 31,    
       Regular Meeting
Apr 7 -  Annual Meeting/Election of Officers
Apr 21 - 23 - Regional Convention - Hotel DTC

Raffle Success in Your Hands!

Our 22nd Annual Charity Raffle is coming closer and needs your help.  This is an important ways & means effort.  We need to be sure that every ticket is sold,  And, the sooner we get this done, the better we can manage the rest of the event.  If you  ‘advertised’ in the program last year, your ad will be repeated unless George Hannes hears from you.  If you have not previously placed an ad, and wish to do, call George.  Your participation helps reduce costs  The Raffle works as follows: We sell only 200 tickets (at $125 each) for a reverse raffle (last ticket out wins).  Prize money is $8000.  Each ticket includes two dinners during a fun evening at Pinehurst Country Club.  We also need donated door prizes, which are distributed throughout the evening.  You can solicit them or donate then yourself.  Along with the raffle, we will have a silent auction for the benefit of the ALS Foundation (Lou Gehrig's Disease).  The date is April 23, the place is Pinehurst, the time is 5:30 pm ,  Please participate.

We are BANCing on You . . .

Our BANC ( Club Building ) effort continues at 7 am every Wednesday morning. The target area is Highlands Ranch, Park Meadows, Parker, Lone Tree.  The  meetings are held at Mimi’s Restaurant. 9155 Park Meadows Drive (just south of C470 at Yosemite exit). Your help is vital.  Call Dick Laskey for information.  

Convention Approaching

The club has voted to support participation in the Mountain West Regional Convention, which will be held April 21, 22 & 23, by paying your registration. Several members have signed up.  There is still room.  It will be held at the Hotel DTC (formerly Hilton South) and promises to be a fun, educational and enlightening experience. It runs from Thursday evening through Saturday evening, and includes all meals. If you sign up, you will be expected to attend most of the business sessions and training opportunities.  It is definitely worth your time. Let Joe know if you are interested.

Going Around Again! Following are excerpts from an email sent by a club member several years ago.
 If he remembers and mentions it to Bill Worth, his next bulletin will be sent free of charge.

Instructions for Life:
When you say I’m sorry, say it with eye contact.

 Talk slow, think fast.

 Do not judge others because of their relatives.  

Smile when you answer the phone. Those who call can ‘hear’ your smile.  

Once a year visit a place you have never seen before.  

Pray. Prayer has incredible power.