THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 12, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Dave Miley

Song - Dave Miley         Pledge -  Dick Mason       Invocation - Doug Harder


GUESTS: Roxy Harrington, and Brian Simpson
The Day In Review:  A wonderful day at the Elks Club for SERTOMA members was had Thursday.  Italian cuisine with lasagna and salad was the feater meal.  Brian Simpson from Fat Tire Beer, in Ft. Collins brought us some libation for our enjoyment.  Forty-five members were in attendance.  Several fines were suggested and debated.  Some were levied and some were not.  No one was insulted seriously enough to incite resignation, although several attempts were made.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy Birthday Bob Buckland.  The induction Banquet will be Friday, June 24, at Red Rocks Country Club.  The Cajun Cook Out will be July 30.  Bingo was a success last Wednesday.  We deposited $7,000.  One hundred and one players were in attendance.  The Progressive is up to $1,000.  E-Team is up next.  The Fall Golf Tournament will be on Sep. 6.  Governor Ballew announced the Leadership Conference will be held on June 11.  Bob Buckland has consented to be the Treasure for next year.  It was noted that a">Kentucky fried Chicken has a new special called The Hillary Special.  It consists of Two Small Breasts, Two Large Thighs, and a Left Wing. <

Sertoman of the Day

Today’s SOD was Bob Hogge.  Bob was born  June 6, 1956 in Ogden, Utah. Bob grew up in Glendale, California. He graduated from High School. After High School he joined the Army where he became a supply clerk.  After promotion to Sergeant he became a Tanker.  Bob was educated at the University Utah: where he majored in finance. He moved to Denver in 1984 and embarked on a career in banking.  Bob is married to Denise.  Bob's brother John is also a member of our club.  Bob's dad is also a former member of our club.  He is currently our esteemed Treasure.  Glen Combellick won the $5.00.



Barney O'Grady brought Brian Simpson from Fat Tire Brewery in Ft. Collins. Brian is a graduate of Colorado University. Brian brought some samples of their product for our enjoyment.  Fat Tire is a grass roots, home brewery, that manufactures Fat Tire beer and a few other products.  Brian is their Marketing Manager.  Fat Tire has two hundred and ten employees.   They plan to switch over to wind power within two years.  The company is entirely employee owned.  Their products are distributed in fifteen states.  Thanks Barney for a very interesting.



 SOD's On Deck


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HANDSHAKE PRIZE: George Hannes     POT OF GOLD: Mike Ballew     REPORTER: Dave Miley

                                                               HE ARAPAHOE SERTOMA FOUNDATION AT WORK

Your Foundation Trustees have granted a scholarship to Trina Lemon of
Englewood Colorado .  Trina will begin her graduate studies in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Northern Colorado this fall.  Trina recently completed her undergraduate studies at UNC     and graduated with a 3.81 GPA.  She exceeded ASHA observation hour requirements with more than 365 observation hours of Speech, Language. and Audiology.  She worked in the UNC clinic to design lesson plans and activities for Speech, Language clients.  She helped clients to reach goals, monitor progress and foster generalization in accordance with prescribed therapy.  Trina performed audiological evaluations at industrial job sites to monitor hearing levels according to OSHA standards.

Last summer Trina worked for the
Littleton School District at Lois Lenski Elementary School as a leader in the Super Stars Summer Program.  She was responsible for the safety and security of forty students.  She collaborated with the school Speech Language Pathologist to work one on one with students to maintain therapy goals over the summer months.  Trina taught technology and literacy classes for students ages four through thirteen.

Trina is a member of UNC Honor Society.  She served as a score keeper/timer for Special Olympics Colorado in 2001.  She also worked for the
9 News Food Drive .

You may know Trina if you have eaten at La Peeps just down the street from the Elks Club.  She has been a server there since 1997.

We have no dought that Trina will meet our requirements as she continues through the graduate program.  We will have her as a guest next year to report on her progress.  Good luck Trina Lemon.