THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....November 10, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Mike Magee

   Jack Marshall   Bob Schlageter   Mabe Downey


Prez Marshall started the meeting asking for introduction of guests and Bill Benton introduced Bill Foerster in Carl Duncan’s absence. Norm Schillo then pushed poinsettia sales for La Sertoma. They will be delivered to our December 8th meeting and Norm promised not to store them in his garage the night before. 

Pat McKim announced that DU hockey tickets were still available for the November 18th game. Contact Pat if you are interested. 

Bill Worth then passed around sheets for Dry Creek Sertoma’s personalized Santa letters. This is a fun promotion you should take advantage of. Contact Bill for more information. 

Tim Pollak reported from the last quarterly Promotion Club meeting and was interrupted by Rick Jacobus who stated that he was not going to carry any banners!  Undaunted, Tim went on to pitch a USO Show that was sold out and then announced that he had new all club directories. 

Rick Jacobus then announced that he and Bonnie were proud grandparents of their first granddaughter born Nov.8th

Dick Mason mumbled something about Marines and then announced that bingo last night had 131 people and the deposit was about $6,000. Next week we will give away the progressive jackpot (about $13,000.), so if you can help, please be there around 5:30PM. We could have 200 people or more.  

Doug Harder announced a program at his church tomorrow night entitled “America, we must not forget”.  , .



Today’s SOD was our esteemed governor, Mike Ballew. Mike was born in Gainesville, Texas in the year 1948. He said that he kept getting bored and added another job to his load. He ran the family drilling business, bought a truck dealership, bought a dairy farm, and them told about an elephant that climbed a tree when the zoo flooded to escape drowning. I quess if you believe the elephant story you might believe the rest of this! He then went to law school in Oklahoma(?) and then moved to Durango to practice law and there met and married Pat. They moved to Denver where he practiced and taught law. This qualified him for his next job  of selling Mountain Man Nuts and Candies. He then went into real estate where he currently is associated with ReMax. In Sertoma, he has held about every position, been a Gold Coat President, Sertoman of the year twice, and is currently district governor. Whew! These active SOD’s sure take up a lot of space! Bill Worth left the meeting with $5. more than he came with.


Today’s program was introduced by Dave Penlund. He was Don Bross with the Kempe Foundation. His topic was child abuse, and he used a few illustrations to point out how important the childhood years are in shaping a person’s future. A man named Richard Rhodes lost his mother when he was about one, and his father got remarried to an abusive woman who made life miserable from Richard and his brother. He and his brother asked to be put in an orphanage where he enjoyed a better environment. He wrote “A hole in the World” which is his life’s story. Don went on to tell of other successful programs such as the nurse – family partnership which has had positive results. The message was to give children the right care early. He closed with a quote from Dr. Henry Kempe, “ The child’s future and ours are one”. 

      Handshake prize to Schlageter

      POG to Magee



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