by: Don Smith
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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....November 17, 2005
This weeks Reporter-Bill Worth

Miley?     Jacobus      Rev Jim

About forty members came in out of the cold to share the Las Brisas blue plate special again today. Relatively quite meeting, don’t really remember a fine. How unusual! Two guests, both Sertomans: Jerry Wheeler, member of Littleton Sertoma, and Front Range Governor-Elect for the 2006-2008 term., and Steve Dawson, member of the Sertoma Club of DTC. (See Sponsorship on second page).
Ed Bezjak gave us an update on Bob Stein, who became sick on a vacation trip to Matzatlan. Emergency surgery got him in a position to be flown back to Denver. He is in St. Joes trying to get back in shape for additional procedures. Our thoughts and prayers go to Bob. He is in Room 422, but please check
before visiting. A major announcement today was the result of our ‘progressive’ bingo promotion, the proceeds of which had to be given away this last week. Two players shared the more than $14,000 prize. More than 300 players attended; 18 club members served them. Final result for the evening should exceed $5,000. Thanks to everyone involved.


SOD - Bill Benton - our favorite candidate for Sertoman of the Year. Denver native - entering the scene October 14, 1928. (conception date available - ask Bill). Graduated from Manual High School - served in the Navy for 3 years, 2 months, graduated from University of Denver. Married Betty (who passed away 10 years ago). Daughter Cindy is 48 and retired from Metro West Fire, son is 50 and continues flying the nation’s air routes. Bill also has a 19 year old granddaughter and has peddled cars for Burt Chevy for 53% of his life (that’s more than 40 years for you math challenged). Bill has a ‘significant other’
Gail, who seems to keep him out of most trouble. Bill was brought to Sertoma by Bill Anderson a long time ago back in the days when we met at Wyatt’s cafeteria. He’s been a consistent and faithful doer of good deeds ever since. We are researching his true induction date, which has eluded us for a long time.
Because he forgot the honeyed pennies Bill had to give a Fiver to John Pifer.


Today’s Program was presented by Pat Weisner and family: Janet, John and Mike. Pat is now retired but is a well known magazine publisher in our area. Pat and his wife, Janet, are members of the board of directors of Fundacion Adelante. The mission of the Foundation is to improve the standard of living of the
extreme poor in rural Honduras. Adelante provides short term loans to very poor women in rural areas, who use the loans to invest in small businesses. This improves their ability to support themselves and their families. This is micro-lending - with initial loans rarely more than $50. This particular program in Honduras began after Hurricane Mitch, which devastated the country in 98. A fascinating program, and we thank Pat and family for informing us. For info: Thanks. Pat!


   I lost track of the Handshake prize.

Bill Worth took the POG.

Noteworthy Notices

Sponsorship - The Sponsorship Committee announces $500 will be given to the ‘Soldier’s Project’ of the DTC club. Suitable gifts and supplies will go to disabled veterans, most from the current conflict.

Special thanks to members who worked Bingo on November 16th: Benton, Bezjak, Combellick, Doucette, Dowdey, Downey, Geers, Grimm, Harder, Helmick, Jacobus, Magee, McKim, Penland, Perkins, Rees, Schlageter and Storey.

The Greater Park Hill Sertoma Club will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in December. This is a club Arapahoe built, and one we can be very proud. Rick Jacobus was the first year Chairman of the board, Bob Stein was Arapahoe President that year. President Marshall has more information about their party.

Santa Claus has some elves (members of Dry Creek Sertoma) who will write a letter to any of your children or grandchildren who would be excited to hear from the jolly old guy, (who by the way will be at our Kid’s party on the 22nd of December). For info, call Carol Worth at 303 798-3912. The kids will love


           On the calendar.....
    Nov 24 - Thanksgiving - No Meeting
    Dec 1 -   Regular Meeting
    Dec 7 -   Pearl Harbor Day - Fly your Flag
    Dec 8 -   Regular Meeting
    Dec 15 - No Meeting
    Dec 17 - Christmas Party - Las Brisas
    Dec 22 - Kids Party
    Dec 25 - Merry Christmas
    Dec 29 - Regular Meeting


                SODs on Deck . . .

   Dec 1 - Ed Bezjak
   Dec 8 - Steve Bolyard
   Dec 15 - No Mtg
   Dec 22 - Santa Claus
   Dec 29 - Bob Buckland

Congratulations . . . . . .
to Don Masias, the Arapahoe Sertoma Club honoree of the
Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce . . .
and to Rich Carlson, the Englewood Elks Club honoree at the same event.

The awards were presented at the Chamber’s November 1st Luncheon.
Nineteen Arapahoe members attended.


There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar! I want to know: What’s does ‘change for a dollar’ mean?

There are two words in English that have all five vowels in order: abstemious and face-tious.
Would I be facetious to think I’m abstemious?

The year I was born, Niagara Falls froze!

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