THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....October 13, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Today's offering was chicken Verde, black beans & rice, and Halloween cookies.   Now that I have made my  token reference to Halloween, I can leap ahead and remind you that there are only 72 shopping days to Xmas.

GUESTS: CARL DUNCAN introduced  his brother-in-law, Bill Forester,  and Leo Rurup, his computer guy.  Forester operated Forester Furniture for several years on South Broadway in Englewood .  Rurup does business as Computer HQ on South Bannock.  In a move of one-upmanship, MIKE BALLEW not only introduced Jim Netherton, but also presented his application for membership.    Any member having any objection to  the admission of this PROPOSED MEMBER must submit said objection in writing to a club officer pursuant to the provisions of Section 3, ARTICLE IV of the club's constitution.


  • DAVE PENLAND distributed a proposed group of teams which will compete with one another in bringing in guests. The Board has approved this procedure as a means of increasing membership.  We all need to support Dave in this effort.  JIM PERKINS, chairman of the incentives committee, will  host a meeting of an ad hoc committee to choose the current winner of the Sertoman of the Year award.

  • DICK MASON reported that A team deposited only $4,400 which means we lost money on this week's bingo games.  The progressive has increased to $9,649. 

  • JOE GEERS reported that FRED DOWNS is now at home and is progressing on the road to recovery.

MIKE BALLEW, who brought only one guest, fined CARL DUNCAN (who brought two guests) for being tardy in the introduction of his second guest.   ED BEZJAK added insult to injury by fining DUNCAN for subjecting his brother-in-law to the rowdiness of the club.     It was discovered that RICK JACOBUS has a music sensitivity that was sorely tested by the rendition of the club's greeting song,  He therefore fined the whole club ten cents each.   Rick, if you thought this week's song was bad, where were you the last two weeks?

INSTALLATION CEREMONY:   CLIFF METSKER was formally installed by President JACK MARSHALL .who read the installation procedure as prescribed by Sertoma International.  METSKER  was immediately fined so that he would feel right at home.    MARSHALL was fined for using the "Enslow School of Speech" method while reading the installation ceremony and DOUG HARDER was fined for having taught MARSHALL how to read.  Go figure!

Sertoman of the Day

GUS SZALA was born in Chicago in 1930.   He was drafted in 1951, attended OCS and served in Korea .   He attended Purdue University under the GI Bill, became an engineer and worked for Lockheed in California .   He worked on several special projects but the U-2 Spy Plane was one of his favorites.  His job brought him to Colorado on several occasions, so when he retired in 1991, he chose to live in Colorado .   Gus joined the Sertoma club in 1995 and has served in various leadership capacities.   JOE DOWDEY won the Flying Fine.


On very short notice, DOUG HARDER and JIM ROBINSON mounted the podium this morning.   They were part of a 3 man team assembled by THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT OF LUTHERAN CHURCHES.  
Their mission was to travel to Harvey Louisiana in order to assess and experience the devastation  resulting from hurricane Katrina. In order to mitigate or eliminate post traumatic syndrome, the
Lutheran Church requires that, prior to departure,  all volunteers be fully informed  as to what they may expect to see and experience upon arrival in a devastated area.   Upon return, these volunteers are encouraged to de-compress by giving vent to their emotions.   JIM ROBINSON has had a lot of exposure to crisis situations from his involvement in Bosnia , Kosovo , Oklahoma City and the Pentagon on 9-11.  For this reason he was chosen to lead this first team so that subsequent groups might be fully briefed on what to expect. Although both Jim and Doug gave descriptions of destruction, the scope and degree of which is unbelievable,  they left us with the story of the 30 year old pastor of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Harvey LA.    He and his wife fled to Port Arthur to avoid Katrina.  His wife had a baby and they left Port Arthur   just before hurricane Rita arrived.   After 40 days they have returned to Harvey and plan to rebuild.   Birth and renewal survive and re-build  -  these are the goals.


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