THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....October 20, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song - Miley         Pledge  -  Enslow       Prayer  -  Duncan

The usual and customary tuna casserole and tossed salad were the main dishes offered by Las Brisas today.  What was not usual and customary was the desert.   It was an original concoction  of pumpkin, peach and yellow cake topped off with a spurt of whipped cream created  by the chefs at Las Brisas.  ROBERT HOGGE devised the name, "pumpkeachyellow cake", as an appropriate moniker for this one-of-a- kind culinary offering.

PROPOSED MEMBER:  Pursuant to Section 3, ARTICLE IV (MEMBERSHIP),  of the club's constitution, notification is herewith given that JIM NETHERTON has applied for membership.   Any member having an objection to his admission must submit said objection in writing to a club officer before the next meeting of the Board of Directors.


w     The club gave FRED DOWNS a hearty welcome back to the luncheon today.   Since it was his birthday, he was greeted with The "happy  birthday"  song that was not very well presented.   But it was the spirit in which it was sung that counts.  This prompted  RICK JACOBUS  to  reveal  his musical sensitivity again.  not only does Rick recognize bad music, he  also knows when it is good.   Thanks to the leadership of DAVE MILEY, the greeting song  was very well done today.   Since JACOBUS  fined the whole club 10 cents each last Thursday for a bad song (groan) today he offered $1.00 as a  reward to the club for an excellent rendition. JIM PERKINS allowed as how he would rather have his 10 cents back.  It  should also be noted that the 10 cents per member fine raised $5.00 last  week and JACOBUS should have matched that.

w     RICK CAMPBELL, membership chairman, announced there will be an induction meeting at his home next Thursday October 27.   The purpose is to provide a formal induction to all  recently installed members.   DICK LASKEY reported  that D team deposited only $3,950 and the progressive is close to $10,000.

w     The Englewood Chamber luncheon at the Welshire will take place on Tuesday November 1.  THERE WILL BE NO CLUB MEETING ON  THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE:  FRED DOWNS   was the recipient and was given the choice between a cup, a pin or a hat.   Fred chose the hat.    Good Choice!  

Sertoman of the Day

JOHN VIERTHALER was born in Pittsburgh PA in 1941.  He attended Grove City college where he joined the air force  ROTC and met his wife Brenda.   While in the Air Force, John attended law school at night.    After the required 6 years of duty, John started his legal career with Alcoa in Pittsburgh .   He established  a mutually rewarding relationship  with his attorney father-in-law and worked for 8 years in his firm.  Visits to Colorado prompted his wife, Brenda, to insist they move to Colorado where she developed  a horse riding program for handicapped kids.   John has been a self-employed attorney for the past 21 years.   His hobbies include horse riding and some nominal farming wherein he raises hay for his horses and sells the excess.   He participates in an English style fox hunt complete with red coat and flared white riding pants.  John became a Sertoman in 1980.    RICK CAMPBELL won the flying five.


DOUG HARDER used VIERTHALER's fox hunting hobby to relate an episode in which the fox got there first. Check with HARDER for details. Doug then introduced Ed Labato who, on July 6, 2005, finally received the medals to which he was entitled for his action in WWII .Ed joined the army in 1943 and took basic training at Fort Ord CA. Inductees were being trained as replacements and this required that they learn to use both light and heavy infantry weapons. For his duty during basic, Ed qualified for the Infantrymanís Badge. Ed was eventually assigned to the 27th Division as a BAR gunner. In April 1944 the 27th replaced the 96th Division in action on Okinawa. Ed's unit was involved in an attack on a extremely well fortified ridge. Ed was pinned down with a GI from his unit who had sustained wounds in his legs. Ed bandaged the wounds and exposed himself to enemy fire while he went for morphine and eventually carried the wounded soldier to safety. For this he was awarded the Bronze Star.

On the 25th of April, Ed was an assistant squad leader and was using dynamite and flame throwers to eliminate Japanese soldiers hidden in caves. As Ed told it, there was an explosion which took away his eye sight and burned his face. Ed's wounds qualified him to be rotated back to the US for treatment. At the plastic surgery center Ed was one of the first to be treated by a new and painful method of burn restoration. This experience qualified Ed to receive the Purple Heart. Ed now has a plaque in which to display with pride the medals he so nobly earned.


SOD's On Deck



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