THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....October 27, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song - Jacobus/Miley          Pledge - Dowdey           Prayer - Harder

The Kara is the name of the hostess sent by Las Brisas each week to serve our lunch. Say hello to Kara. Today she brought both beef and chicken burritos, accompanied by either brown or black beans. Chocolate brownies were the dessert.
PROPOSED MEMBER: A big correction is in order. Jim Netherton was given an application for membership by Governor MIKE BALLEW, but he has not as yet submitted it. Therefore prior notifications of his membership application were published in error. I regret the mistake.
GUESTS: I hope we have better luck with the following guests! CARL DUNCAN introduced his brother-in-law Bill Foerster. Bill has expressed an interest in joining. DON MARSHALL brought an "old" ex air force buddy, Barry Layton; and Gus SZALA introduced Larry DuBois. Keep the guests coming! They make good members. Of course hose of us who introduce guests always run the possibility of being fined. This time it was HARDER who fined MARSHALL for politically inco
rrect references to Barry Layton's ability to once again get into an airplane cockpit.


  • DICK ENSLOW reported that C team deposited $4,400 and that the progressive is now up to $10,500.

  •  PAT Mc KIM prompted the members of his D team to be there next Wednesday. RICK CAMPBELL will host an indoctrination social at his house this evening. All are welcome. 

  •  Englewood Chamber luncheon will take place at the Welshire Country Club on Tuesday November 1st. 

  •  THERE WILL NOT BE A CLUB MEETING on Thursday November 3rd. 

  • NORM SCHILLO warned us about an impending sale of poinsettias; so be prepared to participate in this 
    fund raiser. 

  • Several references were made to phone numbers allegedly posted in the men's restroom. Check with
    JACOBUS and HARDER for details.

  •  There will be a BOARD OF DIRECTORS meeting at the Elk's club on Tuesday November 8.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE:  DON MARSHALL was the lucky recipient for having brought as his guest a fighter pilot from WWII.   MILEY referred to him as a "Hun" hunter

Sertoman of the Day

Born in 1932, BILL WORTH is one of several "depression babies" in the club.  He grew up around Washington Park , attended  Wash Park Elementary and Byers Jr. Hi.  His family moved to North Denver and he graduated from North Hi School.   He attended UNC (known in those days as Aggies) where he earned a degree as a mechanical engineer.  Before entering the service, Bill worked for Frigidaire and later was involved in installing A/C units under the hoods of Cadillac's.  In the Armed Forces, Bill helped keep the Nike missiles operational and, in his last year,  he worked  with civilians at the Redstone Arsenal investigating the use of solid propellants for rockets. After his military service, Bill returned to Englewood and became a technical writer and editor for a local publisher.   He met his wife Carolyn there.   They have 4 boys, all  are well established in the various fields of their choice.   STEVE BOLYARD brought him into the club in 1962.  During his 43 years of membership, Bill has held every club office at least once.   He has been District Governor and is currently the Secty/Treas of the Front Range District.  Bill and Carolyn make an annual trip to the apple orchards of the Yakima Valley in Washington.   After a brief lecture on apples.  Bill awarded the Flying Five to BOB BUCKLAND along with a jar of "curmudgeon apple jelly" made by Carolyn from crabby apples.


GOVERNOR MIKE BALLEW brought greetings from Sertoma International.   Sheila Redding, the current President of Sertoma International is well qualified to serve in that  office. Her theme for this year is "United to Serve" and her goal is for every club to experience a net increase of at least 3 members.   International understands the problems of the generations form which new members will come.   They are proposing we use a new model instead of the 2 hour luncheon approach.   Meeting once a quarter with  only one annual fund raising project might be a way of attracting new clubs and new members.  The Front Range District has 20 clubs and 246 members, 16 members less than when Mike became Governor.  Mike was impressed by how many of the 20 clubs were built by our Arapahoe Sertoma Club. 
Future District events include the social to be held at
Heritage Square .   Freedom Week activities will take place on February 20 and 21.   President Redding will be the speaker at the Freedom Week event  on the 20th. The District Convention will be held in California in April   and the International Convention will take place in Omaha   in July.   Stay tuned for more details.

Thankful Quotes

  • "Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." 
    Melody Beattie 

  • "Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." 
    Charles Dickens 

  • "None is more impoverished than the one who has no gratitude. Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy." 
    Fred De Witt Van Amburgh 


SOD's On Deck



November 2

Team D

November 3

No Meeting

November  9

Team E

November 10

Mike Ballew

November 16

Team A

November 17

Bill Benton

November 23

Team B

November 24

Thanksgiving No Meeting

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