THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....September 22, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song:   Miley         Pledge: Perkins       Invocation:  Miley

FOOD: Las Brisas selected roast pork for today, accompanied with mashed potatoes (skins included), mixed vegetables and tossed salad with a choice of dressing. Today we had another type of "foreign" desert called CHURROS and you should already know where that is from.

GUESTS: JOHN PFIFER introduced Cliff Metsker. Since Cliff will soon be inducted into the club he is put on notice that this is his last FREE meal.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: JAMES HELMICK reported that NICK MORRONE was scheduled to receive a heart pace maker today. This should certainly rev-up Nick's energy level. DICK ENSLOW announced that C team deposited $5900 and increased the progressive to $8849. In addition he asked for help to move our bingo supplies to the new location at South Glenn. If the new location receives its certificate of occupancy, D team will start there next week. BILL PARCHEN informed us that South Glenn is scheduled for demolition and that our stay there may well be limited to one year or eighteen months. President JACK MARSHALL announced that our sponsorship fund had received $1159 from the International Sertoma Foundation. This is our share of the annual income distribution from that fund.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Sgt-at arms, DICK MILEY, ignored the usual schedule of events by presenting NORM SCHILLO with his prize in the middle of the meeting. I am not sure what significance a bean spoon 
(the prize) has for Norm, but the handle of the spoon was a small ladder so that the "little farts" in the beans could climb out while one stirred the beans, thus reducing the explosive results that surely would otherwise result. We all agree that Norm should use the spoon soon and often and for anything that needs stirred.

Sertoman of the Day

GEORGE HANNES was born in Toledo Ohio. He graduated from the Univ of Toledo. He has been married to Jean for 59 years. His three adult children are all doing well. He worked for Johns Manville for 35 years and then became a private consultant. George had so much sympathy for the animals affected by Katrina, that he created a DVD containing numerous photos of that catastrophe. The proceeds from the sale of this DVD are to be donated to charities that help animals. 


JOHN VIERTHALER introduced Dr Xue-wei Wang, founder and chairman of the USA Chinese Association for Science & Technology. After graduating from Beijing Medical University, Dr Wang was ordered by the communist government to serve in the burn unit. Since there were a lot of accidents in China, Dr Wang gained much experience during his 20 year tenure. He came to the US in 1982 as a result of the Department of State Visitor program. Because he was an expert in the treatment of burn victims he was 
invited to stay in the US and eventually got a green card.

Encouraged and assisted by the Federal Department of State, Dr Wang created an organization that would bring all kinds of people to the United States under the Exchange Visitor Program. The purpose is to provide selected visitors with "on-the-job" training in multiple areas of business, commerce and finance. If their expertise can be 
useful to the US, these visitors, like Dr Wang, may receive permanent residence and a green card. Otherwise they will return to their country of origin better prepared to pursue their profession. This is a program that has a win-win result. Perhaps in a future program Dr Wang can inform us of successful participants in this program. 


Calendar at a Glance

Sept. 26 Happy Birthday - Ed Bezja
Sept. 28 Bingo Team D
Sept.  29 Regular Meeting - SOD Don Smith

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