THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....September 29, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song:   Anyone who will admit it         Pledge: Penland       Invocation:  Robinson

GUESTS: JOE DOWDEY introduced Hoil French who, in spite of the fact he has had prior association with us, accepted Joe's invitation for lunch. GOVERNOR MIKE BALLEW brought Jim Netherton and JOHN PIFER had Cliff Metsker as his guest. If we are to meet President Jack's goal, we all need to start bringing guests.


  • BILL WORTH reported that FRED DOWNS was in Swedish for the repair of an aneurysm. We wish Fred a speedy recovery! 

  • PAT Mc KIM informed us that the new bingo establishment was not yet ready for operation, and therefore, Team D would skip their turn in order to maintain the schedule of team rotation. It was further established that this was the decision of a committee of which McKim is sole member and chairman. Having accepted this decision without opposition, ED BEZJAK requested that the members of Team E arrive early next week in order to acquaint themselves with the new facility and equipment.

  • JIM PERKINS again requested nominations for Sertoman of the Year and Service to Mankind awards. Also needed are suggestions for a person to honor at the impending service club luncheon to be sponsored by the Chamber of commerce at the Welshire Country Club restaurant. 

  • And finally MIKE MAGEE has a whole new batch of grocery certificates, the sale of which creates a positive cash flow for the club.

MIKE BALLEW was fined for not taking his guest (Jim Netherton) to the front of the food line. Mike's defense was that he was afraid his guest would be trampled by the large number of "food hounds" who always get there first.  Although his argument is valid, he paid the quarter. ED BEZJAK was fined for not finding some reason to fine table 1, and DAVE MILEY was fined for dereliction of duty for failing to collect the fine from Ballew.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: DAVE MILEY had the five members who were born in September guess the number of inches in a strip of leather. Although Miley's ability to accurately measure the inches in anything was questioned, ED BEZJAK won the strip of leather by suggesting it contained 26 inches. Left unresolved is the use to which Bezjak will put this strip of leather.

Sertoman of the Day

DON SMITH was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1946. Soon there after he arrived in the Denver metro area for schooling and expulsion. He joined the Navy, got his GED and went to college to learn how to be an electronic technician. This ability provided him with a string of jobs with various railroads such as the Santa Fe, the Rio Grande, the Burlington Northern and finally the BNSF. He has been a Sertoman for 9 years, thanks to MIKE BALLEW.  He has been married to JEAN for 9 years. (reporter commentary) If it were not for JEAN, I would not be writing this bulletin. She re-does it on Sertoma stationery and E-mails it to me and others.  I then copy it and mail it to the rest of you members. Thank you, Jean, for your help!


JOHN VIERTHALER introduced Jim Dyer, a State Senator from district 26 (south metro area). The thrust of Senator Dyer's remarks were to oppose the passage of referenda C & D. His first point was that is is not clearly defined as to what the money will be used for. And if past, it would give the state legislators a blank check to spend the money as they wish. Secondly, all the areas that have been suggested by those in favor of the passage as needing the money do not in fact need it. And finally, individual taxpayers will need the money to cover increased cost of gasoline, heating bills and prescription drugs - to name a few. Whatever your persuasion is, get out there and vote.


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Happy Birthday 
Fred Downs

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Happy Birthday
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