THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....September 8, 2005

This weeks Reporter- Carl Duncan

Song:   BEZJAK          Pledge: SCHLAGETER    Invocation:  ROBINSON

Today Las Brisas went Italian with an offering of Tuscanny chicken pasta. The desert was a raspberry GANAUCHE, which is obviously French. However negative your opinion of the French might be, you must admit that their pastries are superb and this raspberry whatever was excellent.
GUESTS: JOHN PIFER introduced Cliff Metsker who submitted a membership application and a check. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH and welcome aboard Cliff. DICK MASON introduced Gym (or was it Jim) Howerton. Mason was promptly fined for "cruelty to guest" based on the premise that mere association with Mason is cruel. Since Pifer had now attracted attention, he was fined for abandoning Table 1 and for taking up too much space at Table 3. All fines passed unanimously. 
ANNOUNCEMENTS: BILL PARCHEN reminded us of Bronco TV night at the South Restaurant. The opponents will be the KC Cheats - so be there. JIM REES has the entertainment books ready for sale. JIM PERKINS, chairman of the incentives committee, asked for nominations for Sertoman of the Year and Service to Mankind awards. We need to give this some thought and provide Jim with some deserving nominations. DICK MASON announced that Bingo A team deposited $5100 and that the progressive is up to $7700. This should start drawing bigger crowds. Still no definite  word on the transfer to the new location. JACK MARSHALL reminded the board members of their meeting on Tuesday the 13th. 
The Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic was held on September 6th at the Meadows Golf Club. DICK ENSLOW announced the winners and presented the prizes as follows: Closest to the pin on #15 -- ED BEZJAK Longest putt on #18 -- RICK CAMPBELL Championship Flight - Gross-- 1st ED BEZJAK with 87 and 2cnd DICK ENSLOW with 89 1st Flight -(GHIN HDCP) - net -- 1st to BILL BENTON with 60 and 2cnd to BOB STEIN with 61 and finally the Sandbagger Flight - Callaway -- 1st to DICK LASKEY with 71 and 2and to DAVE MILEY with 72 ate of the Colorado School of Mines.
   Pot of Gold went to ED BEZJAK. FRED DOWNS won the handshake prize.

Sertoman of the Day

NORM SCHILLO was born on Sept 10,(same day as Arnold Palmer) 78 years ago in north Denver. He joined the navy the same day he graduated form North High School, and the war ended while he was in boot camp. Norm was advised to take up a trade so he became a bricklayer. He soon became a successful brick contractor. His attempt to be a resort operator in Grand Lake and subsequent venture into real estate were not as rewarding so Norm returned to the construction industry and built homes. Norm's first wife died and he has been married to Ann for 8 years. In order to keep attendance at his 10th year anniversary to a minimum , it will be held somewhere else -- but we are all invited. JOHN PIFER was the flying five. 


JOHN VIERTHALER introduced Tim Pool who is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Pool is an international consultant regarding  the mining and use of uranium as a source of energy that can replace hydrocarbons. All of the arguments set forth to resist the development of new nuclear plants are without substance. For example the amount of radiation from these plants is negligible: nuclear explosions are not 
possible because there is not enough U-235 present: spent fuel is hot and dangerous, but secure means of transport and disposal eliminate any danger. New and improved technologies are used in many countries to build new nuclear power plants. Presently the supply of uranium is running behind the demand and the price per pound has risen from $10 in 2003 to $30 today. One of the major sources of uranium is the nuclear warheads in Russia and the US. Conventional mining and "In Situ Leaching" are other sources of supply. Nuclear power is an alternate source of energy that can reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The arguments for its development far outweigh the arguments against.

Pot of Gold went to ED BEZJAK.   FRED DOWNS won the handshake prize.

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Happy Birthday - Doug Harder
Happy Birthday - Tim Pollak
Happy Birthday - Norm Schillo
Happy Birthday - Travis Garrett
Happy Birthday - Dan Miller
Happy Birthday - Ed Bezja

Sept. 14 Bingo Team B
Sept. 15  Regular Meeting-  SOD Bob Sclageter 
Sept. 21 Bingo Team C
Sept. 22 Regular Meeting-  SOD Norm Selby
Sept. 28 Bingo Team D
Sept.  29 Regular Meeting - SOD Don Smith

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