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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... April 12, 2012
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:    Dick Laskey tore himself away from his work to join us for lunch.

Fines:   Ken was fined for the audacity to start the meeting before Randy could finish his story about Shotgun Willie’s. Table One got fined for to much talking, or was it for talking to loud?


Doug Harder informed the club of the upcoming Past Presidents meeting April 17th at Christ Lutheran Church, 2695 S. Franklin St. Denver….7pm start time.

Bob Buckland is looking at a outing to a Rockies game, maybe May 28th…

President Ken read a Thank You letter from Craig and mentioned there is a fund raiser for A-1 Scuba in the works.

Scott Manley says it’s time to turn in your volunteer hours for the last quarter.

Dave Miley has sponsorship cards for the upcoming 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Tim Pollak said this was mentioned at the monthly Roundtable Meeting: Marty Morgan advised that she has arranged for a group of tickets to see the Rockies play Arizona on Saturday, September 22, 2012 for a price of $29 each for regular priced $39 seats located at the lower level near the 3rd base line. This would be a wonderful opportunity for members, family, and friends to enjoy the game together and socialize. THE CATCH! Marty must know by MONDAY, APRIL 16 as to how many from each club would like to attend. Please contact Marty at 303/991-0680.

Jim Rees announced that he only had one King Soopers card left but is going to buy a few more. The club receives 5%


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:    Jack Thompson showed up for lunch so he got hooked for the roll of SOD before he slipped out of it again. Jack was born in Omaha, NE in 1944 and within 3 months, the family moved to Minnesota, growing up in S. Minneapolis. His high school is now the community center. He says the only thing he did there was that he was on the first varsity ski team they ever had. Skiing on those little hills they had were a joke and he had to wear a mask like you paint with to stay warm and spent more time on the lift then skiing, it just didn’t cut it and after coming to Colorado to ski several times, he later was able to transfer out here with Merrill Lynch. He enjoys it so much he skis every week.


Jack worked his way through school working at a bank and they had a Merrill Lynch office in the building so he would go and watch the stocks and buy the penny stocks and play around a little bit and ended up working for Lynch and they sent him to NY. He was a manage and was in 5 cities in 5 years and he told them he was going to Denver saying he could live here for half of what they were paying him to live in NY and after 3 months, they sent him here and Lynch was his entire career for 39 years until retiring last year. He needed something to do so he joined “us old codgers”. Jack tried to go into the Air Force right after collage but with his allergies they wouldn’t take him.

Jack has 2 children, his daughter is a teacher but enjoys going to school, working on her third degree and his son is in the Air Force and can ski circles around him.         Listen to Jack Thompson.mp3

Program:   Bob Schlageter introduced Phil Crews of Mountain States Children’s Home, just north of Longmont, CO. Mountain States Children's Home extends Christian compassion and services to hurting children in effort to meet their physical needs, heal their emotional hurts, challenge their minds and teach them moral principals. Our goal is to reunite children with their families or prepare them to be on their own with a new beginning. The staff is a made up of professionals, teachers, houseparents and individuals that form a team to provide the strong foundation of love, acceptance and hope that will ensure that the goals for the child are met.
For MSCH to grow, and especially if we are to increase our effectiveness with children we ask for your prayers. It is the prayerful support that has brought MSCH to its current level of operations and opportunity for growth over the past 50 years.


Mountain States Children's Home has a long history of serving children and their families. For over 50 years on the 155 acres parcel of land, hundreds of children have been able to stretch their experiences and hopes for a successful future. With a society that is moving so fast, many times, children are left behind until there is a breaking point either with the parent or the child. MSCH has been able to provide room for a child to find peace, protection, and a place in a world where their needs will be met.      Listen to Mountain States Children Home.mp3


Upcoming programs:
4/19 Freedom Service Dogs
4/26 Center for Hearing, Speech and Language
5/3 The Hangout: Brain Injury Rehab
5/10 The Wright Brothers
5/17 Paula Luzinski: A Long Walk
Index of past programs programs.pdf
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Upcoming SOD list
Apr 19 - Regular Meeting – SOD John Vierthaler
Apr 26 - Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Ballew
May 3 - Regular Meeting – SOD Bill Benton
May 10 - Regular Meeting & BODSOD Ed Bezjak
May 17- Regular Meeting – SOD Bob Buckland
May 24- Regular Meeting – SOD Rick Campbell
May 31- Regular Meeting – SOD Glenn Combellick

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

Soapbox Derby Jun 2nd & 3rd
16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament July 16th
Pancake breakfast: July 21st
22nd Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic Aug. 28th

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