by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....April 13, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Mason   Miley     Magee

Late news:
Sad day for Sertoma: Not much in the way of details yet but Bill Worth has passed away. Bill and Carol were on their way from Florida to Irvine for the regional convention, via the Panama Canal.  More info when in arrives. Lets all keep Bill's family in our prayers.

GUESTS: Gus Szala introduced his cousin, Pat Comouche. This prompted Doug Harder to impose a fine on Ed Bezjak for not imposing his usual fine on members who subject their relatives to this "motley crew". I am sure Ed will be more attentive to this duty in the future. Pifer and Schillo got fined for talking during announcements and Vierthaler was fined for not wearing his badge and club pin -- in spite of the fact that he lends an air of class to the club by always wearing a suit and tie.

HAND SHAKE PRIZE: Evidently Dick Mason, CPA, prepares Dave Miley's tax return. Miley presented Mason with the prize and said it was because Mason promised him a return. He did not elaborated to explain if he meant a tax return or a refund. Either way, ethical standards against receiving bribes were not violated and Mason accepted the prize with a smile.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: THE ANNUAL RAFFLE is upon us. Get your door prizes to Tim Pollak; sell all of your tickets and turn in the cash; and canvass the people to whom you have sold a ticket to determine if they will attend the affair or not. By not paying for meals for the NO SHOWS you can increase the club's profit from the raffle.


George Hannes was brought into the club 20 years ago by Dick Sorensen. He has been married to Jane for 54 years. His son, Dave, has reached retirement age, which is cause to ponder how old George is. The fact that George has two great grand children should put to rest any idea that George is not old. He served in the now nonexistent Army Air Corp as a rear gunner during WWII. Dave Miley won the "flying five"

PROGRAM Stan Dempsey, general manager of the Colorado Petroleum Association, discussed the various pros and cons of the use of ethanol as a additive to gasoline. He noted that the 1989 Oxy fuel program mandated the mixture of ethanol in the 7 county metro area during the winter to reduce the "brown cloud".

On the plus side, ethanol supports the agricultural industry by maintaining a profitable price for corn. It helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil and extends our supply of gasoline. It also helps to reduce the pollutant carbon monoxide.

On the negative side, it reduces the use of hydro carbons extracted in Colorado. It takes more energy to produce than it saves. It is detrimental to the cattle industry by raising the price of corn. Unlike liquid oil and or gas, ethanol cannot be transported by pipeline but rather must be hauled, which adds to its cost. It decreases the miles per gallon ratio. Dempsey's message is that future energy bills should leave room for choice rather than have the use of ethanol mandated. Some communities such as Durango or Grand Junction do not have the same conditions as Denver and may choose not to use ethanol.

Dick MasonGeorge Hannes ?

           On the calendar .....    
    April 20 - Annual year end business meeting
    April 27 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Helmick
    May 27 - Regular Meeting - Program Bill Ritter

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"WORK ...Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Half effort does not produce half results, it produces no results. Work, continuous work and hard work, it the only way to accomplish results that last."
--- Hamilton Holt

"I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate."
--- George Burns