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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....April 20, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:   Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife

FINES:  n/a

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Announcements:    Norm is back and looking pretty good after getting a “cow” valve put in his heart. Welcome back Norm.

Scott passed around a sign-up sheet to solicit help with the A-1 Scuba Raffle to be held May 20 & 21. He can use some help so see if you can lend a hand on those dates. Here is the info on that event: A-1 Scuba info.jpg  This year it is twofold, you can either win a trip for two to Cozumel and this benefits Craig Hospitals Therapeutic Recreation Department or a trip for two to the Philippines and this benefits American Veterans Experience Scuba Project.

Doug Harder had his Past Presidents meeting again after lunch and has the new Officer’s list pretty well defined. Mr. Pat McKim stepped up to the plate and hit a home run by accepting the duties of President for the upcoming year. Now everyone else can breathe a little easier. We will vote on this slate but this is how it looks as of now:

Club President=Pat McKim; VP Sponsorship=Chad Kasson; VP Programs=Randy Smith; VP Membership=Gary Athey; Secretary=Mike Magee; Treasurer=Dick Mason; Sgt at Arms= Ed Bezjak & Bill Benton; Attendance & Publicity=Don Smith; Committees—Social=Orian Hunter; Ways & Means=Joe Gomez; Incentives=Clark Bennett.

Foundation Chairman=Tim Pollak; Carl Duncan, Jim Rees & Glenn Combellick.

It is the plan that all officers and committee chairmen will have a helper so if your name isn’t listed above, you will probably be a helper. We all have to pitch in to make the club strong.

After reading a statement, Dave Miley made a motion & it was seconded that the club may have to go co-ed if we want to survive. The club will vote on it next week it appears. It is well known that not everyone is happy with this idea. If it does pass, there is no time set for it to happen but if we get any interest from females after the Englewood Chamber/Arapahoe Sertoma Social Recruitment Night, it would happen after that. Then I think we should accept the idea and give it a chance to succeed. The “All Male” club has had a good run for 60+ years but times change and we might have to adapt.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:    Gary Athey was born in Denver September 3, 1943. His family moved from the Denver area to Englewood in 1956, He attended Flood Jr. High and Englewood High School and graduated in 1961, then went to Denver University from which he graduated in 1965 and went on to D.U. Law School. He did not complete law school because he got caught up in the Vietnam era.

He decided to go into the service and get it behind him. He served 4 years in the Air Force going to Vietnam and working in various legal offices.

After separation from the Air Force, he worked for Gated Rubber Co. as a foreman and later as assistant plant manager for Carefree Corporation. In 1975 he took a job as a branch manager for Emblem tape and Label Co. in Salt Lake City.

From that job he opened a total of 3 other businesses and supplied the semiconductor and computer industries. He was divorced in 1981 and granted custody of his children. In 1983 he moved back to Englewood and cared for his parents and an uncle. He was fortunate to hold his business together due to some dedicated employees. Luckily he also found his current wife Pat in 1992. She has helped him immensely. He has had a very full life with many activities and longtime friends from high school, college and business. He looks forward to serving with his fellow Sertoma members.

In Gary’s short time in the club, he has taken it upon himself to gather the Bio’s of all the active members and put them in a nice binder. He wants the club to grow and be more involved in community events and fund raisers and I’m sure we will be hearing more of Gary’s thoughts and ideas in the future. Glad to have him in the club.

Listen to Gary Athey.mp3

Program: Doug Harder introduced Jack Farland, owner of Farland Classic Restoration. Jack has been here before but this time he told us about the award he won on one of his classic restoration jobs.

Jack's family was in the car business since long ago. His father Fo Farland and uncle Temple Buell Jr. owned a Chrysler dealership in Denver, Colorado; Farland-Buell Chrysler Plymouth. Jack started working at the dealership after school and on weekends at age of 12. In addition to Chrysler, Fo and Temple were dealers for Ferrari from 1967-1969 and they collected antique cars. Jack was exposed to rare cars from Europe as well as the muscle cars we all love today. What could be a better education than working on an old Chrysler one day and a Ferrari or Maserati the next.

That tradition is carried on today. Take a tour of the shop and you'll find quite a mix of unusual cars from all over the world. Jack enjoys the challenge of learning about each car and figuring out how to make it better than new.

Listen to Jack Farland.mp3

Upcoming programs and events :

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May Poker tournament in the works
May 20 & 21 - A-1 Scuba Raffle. Need help
June 8 - Doug Jackson to receive his award
Sep. 26 - Sertoma, Englewood Chamber Business After Hours

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Apr 27 - Clarke Bennett
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May 18 – Bob Buckland
May 25 – Rick Campbell

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