by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....April 27, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Mason/Fry   Penland     Harder

GUESTS: Steve Bolyard, supreme member recruiter, brought Gary Oakley. Carl Duncan introduced Sterling Cain as a guest for the last time. Sterling was voted into the club at the last Board meeting and will be inducted on Thursday, May 4. He will now take his place in the chow line somewhere behind Tom Fry.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: BINGO is on, see info at bottom of page.

THE ANNUAL RAFFLE was expertly managed by Jim Rees and was a big success. Jim reported gross receipts of $25,400 which covered payouts for prizes of $8,125 and $7,150 to Columbine Country Club for food and facilities. Our sponsorship of $5,000 to the hearing and speech impaired will be matched by $1,600 from the International Foundation thanks to Joe Dowdey and Carol Worth who prepared and submitted the grant request. Evidently Mike McGee was instrumental in starting the bidding during the silent auction on most if not all items. Bill Benton proposed a fine for "felonious bidding" It passed.

The contribution that BILL WORTH has made to this club and to the international Sertoma movement is colossal. Checks remitted in memory of Bill should be made payable to The Foundation. The mention of Bill Worth gave Harder the impetus to teach Buckland how to turn off a cell phone and fined him $1. It passed. (Bills name has been added to the "In Memory" web link at )

President Jack Marshall took a "straw vote" to determine the desire and willingness of the club to resume bingo. There is a possible opening on Wednesday night that would required a 4 week rotation rather than the 5 weeks we had in the past. There was an overwhelming yes vote.

THE HANDSHAKE PRIZE was awarded to Jim Rees for the splendid job he did in supervising the raffle.


Bob Hogge, banker extraordinaire, was born in Ogden Utah in 1956. His parents moved him to San Francisco where he graduated from high school. After spending 3 years in the army, Bob attend the university of Utah. He finally graduated form Regis University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. Bob is into his 3rd marriage and has stopped trying to be a professional groom. There are 4 children as a result of his, hers and theirs. He was brought into the club 4 years ago by his brother John Hogge. Don Nelson won the "flying five".

PROGRAM: David M Block is the president and CEO of Make-It-Fly, LLC. He led a group discussion on strategies to increase membership. Service clubs are primarily relationship based and we need to create a "recruiting mind set" by defining a compelling message about the relationships our club offers. During a brainstorming session, Block had the members list things we enjoy through our membership and a list of what motivated us to join. A concrete suggestion was made to have A VISITORS' DAY during which people aided by our sponsorships could be show cased and the club's social activities could be promoted. A recruiting attitude requires that we then just ask them to become members.

Jim ReesBob HoggeDon Nelson

           On the calendar .....    
         May 4   - Regular Meeting - SOD Dean Hiss
         May 9 -  Board of Directors meeting 6:pm
         May 11 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Helmick
         May 18 - Regular Meeting - SOD Rick Jacobus
         May 25 - Regular Meeting - SOD Howie Kelsall


May  8 - C Team
May 15 - D Team
May 22 -  Team
May 29 -  Team

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Bingo is now officially back ON Monday May 8th with the C Team (Enslow) starting the first night.  This coming Monday May 1 st at 4:00pm we will walk the hall, get acquainted with the set-up and sign the documents etc…  Please feel free to come by and check it out.  Enslow and C Team will be in charge of moving all of the supplies from Alec’s warehouse to the new hall.  Not too much, one truckload of supplies, please contact Alec to arrange this transport.  I will arrange for Security this first night and each Monday from there on.  We’ll get the first TWO weeks rent for Free, next two $330, and from then-on it’s $400/night.  Bingo starts at 7:00pm , ½ hour earlier than before.  ALL workers should arrive NO LATER than 5:30pm to set-up.  (See Pat for bank info)  Lastly, I will TRY to keep the 5 teams, we will be at @8 men per team including CAPTAIN and CALLER.  D Team and E Team NEED NEW CALLER, someone will NEED to VOLUNTEER!  As soon as possible I’ll try to have a NEW ROSTER sent to ALL members.  FOR NOW C TEAM should be ALL set to start Monday May 8th, 5:30PM !!

I will no longer be Bingo Director/Bookkeeper beginning July 1st, 2006 .  Someone from the YES votes should be ready to Volunteer to take over this position in the club.  I’ve already asked both Laskey and Enslow and they’re unable to take on this extra responsibility.  Mason has done this before, perhaps he can begin as Bingo Director again in July, IF NOT another member will need to do this job.  Alec Doucette is already (and will continue) to manage most of the Sec. of State reports but he CANNOT do all of it.  I’ll look forward to someone stepping-in to do this and I’ll gladly help you transition into this position.  Lastly, I will continue to support bingo as a worker but would like to resign as Bingo Captain.  If we go to FOUR teams I’ll volunteer to be co-captain or just work on one of the teams.  If we can stay with 5 teams someone should volunteer to be a Bingo Captain for D Team.  Bottom line is I will continue as a good member and support bingo 100% but I do NOT wish to continue as BINGO DIRECTOR or CAPTAIN.  So please help, volunteer and let’s keep it going for better or worse.  ALL Arapahoe SERTOMA members be notified we begin with C TEAM MONDAY MAY 8th @ 5:30pm , Bingo Starts at 7:00pm .  Mark your calendars until I can get the teams and schedules sorted-out.  

Thanks, see you on Monday @ 4:00pm Bingo City (Federal just South of Hampden Ave). Patrick Mckim, CFP

Calendar web page has been updated to show new bingo dates, but without the team letter.

Fraud Alert!  

April 21, 2006


With spring come April showers, May flowers and the “Travelers”. The showers and the flowers we welcome, but the Travelers should not be welcomed at your home. Travelers are traveling con artists who show up on your doorstep uninvited, offering repairs or products at a discount. Let them in and what you typically get for your money is shoddy workmanship and inferior grade materials, usually at an inflated price. Home repair scams are their specialty. They may offer to fix your roof or driveway, paint your home, provide pest control, prune your trees, or a dozen other offers. If allowed inside the home they may distract the homeowner and steal items from the house. Their preferred victim is usually a middle class homeowner over 60 years in age. Law enforcement is on the look out for “Travelers” and you should be too.

To protect yourself:

1 . Never do business with someone who shows up uninvited on your doorstep.

2. Never allow someone to pressure you into a hasty decision. If someone tells you there is a serious problem with your home, get a second or third opinion before proceeding with the repairs.

3. Never allow anyone into your home that you do not know and trust. Keep a locked barrier between you and the person on your porch until you verify their identity.

4. Report any suspicious visitors to your home to local law enforcement.

5. Share this information with elderly parents and/or neighbors. Tell them not to hire anyone until they talk it over with you.

Need help?
Call the Fraud Assistance Line