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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....August 12, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:  n/a

Fines:  n/a

Announcements:   Dean gave a report on Gus. He looks good, good color but still no visitors. He had bleeding of the heart after his surgery. Jim Perkins read a thank-you note from Gus’s wife, Carolyn. Latest is Gus could be in hospital for several more weeks and doing rehab.

Ed Bezjak saw Fred Downs the other day and he says Fred is looking okay under the oncircumstances; Fred is in a wheel chair.

Dr. Howie Kelsall was able to make it to lunch and he is looking great. Glad he was able to make it.

The District Social is Aug. 19th. There will be a “quickie” board meeting next week on what we want to do about the Englewood Chamber luncheon on Oct 19th.

Tim gave a short report on the Sertoma Promotion Club “hear to work program” You should have all received an e-mail on this program.

Doug Harder presented Norm Schillo a recruiting award from bringing Jim Britton into the club. Norm will get free dues for one quarter of the year.

Jim Rees passed a sign-up sheet around for Western Welcome Week of Aug. 21st. It’s in the same location as last week.

Dick Enslow passed a sign up sheet for the Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall classic Golf Tournament. It is only four and a half weeks away, Sep 7th.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



Rick Jacobus, born 23 July, 1936 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (same hospital as President Ford but 2 years later) but grew up in Ohio on an Army base until he was a junior in high school at which point the family moved to CO.. in 1953 and graduated from Sheridan High in 1954. He worked for Public Service about 3 years when a co-worker advised him to go to college. A grad of UNC, Greeley, Rick gave up teaching school (elementary phs ed) after one year but went on to a successful 35 year career in the insurance field.

Rick lives with his wife Bonnie, they were married in June of 1962. They have a son, Rod, 46, who lives in San Francisco, and a daughter Jill, 43, husband and kids live in this area, which gives Rick a chance to spoil the 2 grandkids twice a week.

Rick missed joining the Navy by one day, he was going to sign up but a letter from the Army, forwarded from Harder which stated Rick had received his 2S-deferment into the Army. That was close. He was in the NAVY Reserve and Air Force ROTC.

A member of Arapahoe since 24 July, 1974, Rick has done it all including President (79-80), Secretary, Governor, District Governor in 1982-83 and more. He was recruited into the club by whom else, Doug Harder. He did not win a Gold Coat, thanks to Harder.


Program:  Bob Schlageter introduced Brian Gish of Brian Gish Seminars. Mr. Gish was a Sales Trainer for over 5 years, President of a Toastmaster Club, keynote speaker, Passort Member of the Colorado Speakers Association, and a Real Estate Agent for over 30 years.
Brian's Credentials:
• Instructor for Colorado Association of Realtors, statewide
• Instructor for Moore's School for Training New Employees
• Instructor for S.M.I. (Success Motivation Institute)
• Jefferson County Board as Facilitator, Orientator & Guest Speaker
• Past President of Toastmasters of Broomfield His talk for today is called “57 seconds to success…how to make a great first impression”.

The 57 second rule: Within 57 seconds, people are deciding whether they LIKE you, TRUST you or want to get to KNOW you. The rules are simple, when you meet a new person, say their name 3 to 5 times, have eye contact for 57 seconds, smile and give a firm hand shake (not a wishy washy one and not a vise grip). On what to talk to them about, think F O R M. F=their family. O=their occupation. R=recreation and M=money.

Brian is available for 15-45 minute motivational presentation to your clubs and organizations or as a keynote speaker. Please call 303-280-7131 or goto:

Upcoming programs:
Aug 19: Mike Befler – Secret of Growing Old Gracefully
Aug 26: Jack Farland – Classic Auto Restoration
Sep 2: Dick Life on How we spied inside the USSR
Sep 9: Dr. Michael Curd—PTSD
Sep 16:
Sep 23: Autism Society of Colorado


handshake.gif  Don Smith    pot2.gif  Jim Rees     dollars.gifBob Stein
Bill Benton missed the POG by not being here.

     Upcoming SOD list
Aug 19 – Regular Meeting – SOD Ken Kelley
Aug 26 - Regular Meeting – SOD Howie Kelsall
Sep 2 – Regular Meeting but NO SOD
Sep 9 – Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Laskey
Future: Kirk Hon (when he isn’t playing golf)

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